let’s face it

Pinoy movies are cheesy but admittedly, they hit you with their dialogues.

I just came from the latest John Lloyd-Sarah Geronimo starrer, which on its second week is still filled with people (I watched in G4…my cousin was at the other cinema for You Don’t Mess With The Zohan and he said there were a lot of seats vacant!).  The story was light: Girl applied for a job at Guy’s magazine because she has always adored him. Guy is your typical cranky and crabby boss. Girl got Guy’s attention with her personality and “I will never give up on you, sir” attitude. Turned out guy has internal issues since he was young and when Girl uncovered it, she mellowed Guy and his temper, helped him cope. But his internal demons possessed him again so he went haywire anew. Girl gave up. Guy realized he needs Girl, and he might love her already. too. Guy chased Girl. They made up in the rain. The end.

It was funny and light. I didn’t like the singing parts. But it was okay, I did not regret spending 140 pesos.

Anyway, sentimental line-picker that I am, the following lines (not verbatim), got me:

Guy: I did not ask you to love me, so don’t ever make me feel that I have to love you back. Dahil kahit pagbali-baligtarin mo ako, wala akong maibibigay. Itigil mo na yan. Maawa ka sa sarili mo. Mapapagod ka lang kakaasa. Mapapagod ka lang kakahintay.

Girl: Kahit minsan hindi ko naramdaman na nakakapagod kang mahalin. Ngayon lang.

Ayos di ba?

Plus a mother’s advice is almost always the best. When your heart gets broken, whether the object of your affection knows it or not, this is a line that hopefully could save you:

Basta ang mahalaga hindi ka pa ubos. Andyan ka pa rin. Para kapag dumating na ang magmamahal sa iyo, meron ka pang maibabalik.



I’m done being crazy. I have been happy, humiliated, disappointed, excited, angry; I pitied myself too much, I terribly lusted after someone, I changed my ways. Maybe not just for this year, you know, I am done being crazy emotionally. I will just get, uh, alarmed (?) when I reach 30 years old. That’s 40 months to go, and obviously, I can do a lot of things within that period. The deal breaker in this dilemma was when I had feelings for a friend. That’s one of the worst things you can do. Developing feelings for an officemate, blind date or some random guy in the office is fine, even if it doesn’t bear fruit; treading that pure, beautiful line of friendship is poisonous. Thankfully, I got out of it early in the battle and I did not risk ruining myself more.

I am planning many things for my personal development now. As boring as it may sound, I am into this whole oil price manipulation and speculation issue. I am in the process of learning a new language, too. I may go back to school also. I may do all of these because I’m wallowing, or I’m trying to still impress someone, but what’s more important to me now is that I am doing all of these for me.

If someone comes along while I’m in this “me, myself, and I” project, then I’ll just take it as it comes. I accepted my fate, I removed the thing blocking my door, so positive vibes can now come in.

See, this is the effect of my strong desire to not go to work tomorrow. Sigh.

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