Better days…

Five items of note:

1. It will take me a while to get used to British comedy. My only exposures* to their humor (or humour!) were the original The Office, Coupling, and a bit of Little Britain. Theirs is full of irony, sarcasm and self-deprecation. Very verbal, too. Perhaps my fascination with the English accent contributed to my interest. It didn’t help that I am currently obsessed with Hugh Laurie, after swooning over his TV character (House, who else) so I watched a lot of episodes of Jeeves and Wooster and A Bit Of Fry and Laurie on youtube.  So far, I’m enjoying my discoveries, and yes, the accent, too!

* ngek, who would ever forget Mr. Bean?! Aminin, at one point, we all did watch him.

2. I have a renewed fascination for fanfictions. Many of these fanfictions make better substitutes to crappy moments in actual scripts. I used to write them myself but I stopped after seeing that mine paled in comparison to the works of most fans. They have a coherent grasp of the characters they ‘ship’ and are aware of all the elements to make reading a fanfic feel like you’re seeing the actors playing it. My current favorite is any House-related fanfic and while most of them entertained me, I found very wonderful lines in a certain fic that’s actually about House and Cuddy and the painful drag to the resolution of their sexual tension.

He realised at some point in the night that this could work between them. Like he was a functioning addict, this could be a functioning relationship. Messed up, but functioning.

Nice. Although there’s also one in a House-Stacy fanfic that got me. It was at the last chapter, when House finally decided he can start a life with Stacy and her adopted daughter after all (Stacy’s husband Mark died in the fic, which I actually wish sometimes):

“Honey,” he says, in his best imitation of a TV husband from a 1960s sitcom, “I’m home.”  And he pulls her into his arms.

Hmmm. Should I still explain that home means a lot deeper than being physically home? Hmmm?

3. I was very useless last weekend. Just when I thought I started my weekend on a roll because of the recollection, the next days found me snoozing anywhere and more notably, watching Evan Almighty three times. Yes, thrice. I just had no energy to venture out and watch other shows. I watched them on different times though but still…uh, thrice???!!! And I should tell you that I watched it in the theater when it was on, too. Loser much?

4. Toblerone Dark is the best thing that ever happened to dark chocolates. I filled our fridge with dark chocolates once more. My mother thought I was being greedy because really, who will ever like dark chocolates alone? I do and I will. I used to think that Meiji Black is the best I can take but after Toblerone Dark last February, everything changed. I still hoard Meiji Dark, along with Dark Snickers, Dark M&Ms, Dark Dove Chocolates, Hershey’s Dark, even Dark Goya. I seldom buy Dark Ghirardelli because a big bar lasts me a while anyway. Wow, I think I have never typed this much dark words in one flowing paragraph.

5. My maternal desires have gone down. Died, even. Maybe I got too drained with pent up emotions about loving and everything related to this shit (sorry) that suddenly I do not feel anything about it anymore. Even with romance blossoming. I still feel happy for some people (lke RM and CM) but I don’t feel like I envy them or something. Same with kids. I used to have this certain pang of envy whenever there are adorable kids around but now, nah, I don’t like them anymore. I still adore them and get amused by their antics but to want them? Yaiks.

Maybe I regressed. Like I went back to what’s the starting point of an adult existence, then a few months later, I would want them once more.

So is my reckoning date the first month of the calendar year? Or the fiscal year? I don’t know. But sincerely, lately, I’m fine. It’s nice loving no one but myself. I actually like and love myself a lot. Hah.

I’m off to (speed) read Eclipse now. I put it off for next month but Laine finished New Moon last weekend so I have to hand over the next installment to her soon. I don’t want to mess up her reading momentum because I’ve only seen her like this, reading-wise, starting when I introduced Twilight to her. Well, you know me, anything related to reading/books, I totally support! Dorkiness overload, hindi pa naman?

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2 replies

  1. ^ nice one, gabi! very true.

    i wish The Cake Club would have something with dark chocolate in it. see you tomorrow! 😉

  2. Dark chocolate lover ka din pala!! How nice! Kami rin ni Tata. 🙂 Our mom doesn’t understand how we can like something so bitter-sweet… like love, eh?

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