an early bird gets

…more TV time. ūüôā

I’ve been home very early for two straight days now. I am thankful that I have the house practically all to myself (because when my mother gets in the bedroom, she’s zapped to her own universe, leaving me in peace). So, after five hours of larding my arse in front of the TV, what shows have occupied my empty mind?

Random clips of The Secret Garden.¬† An old episode of The King of Queens. An old episode of CSI:NY (directed by Emilio Estevez! And how come I didn’t notice that they were using Baba O’Riley by The Who in their opening credits???). An episode of Friends (where the famous ‘Bamboozled!’ was first heard — by me).¬†A little bit of The Practice.¬† A whole episode of iCarly (So I still love kid shows,¬†what now?). And¬†for my last TV treat…I watched Evan Almighty again.¬†Yes. I think I may have memorized most of the lines.¬†ARK – act of random kindness. Nice one, right? And a personal favorite: Is it too much to ask…for a little¬†PRECIPITATION???!!!¬†Anyway, moving on…

– – –

Much flak was and is still being received by¬†this new teen show called LIPGLOSS. It’s over at TV5 (the reborn ABC 5). A lot of people were disgusted because it apparently is a Gossip Girl rip-off. Many people defended it otherwise. They all have valid points. I guess the Gossip Girl mania is still too high up there that’s why launching something like this was received very badly.

Lipgloss is about the lives and travails of the rich students of the fictional Linden High. It can’t really compare to Gossip Girl…and if people would stop having GG on top of their heads while watching its early clips, then maybe the reaction would not be this virtually violent.¬† It introduces about¬†eight up and coming stars – I only know of Saab Magalona and Sam Concepcion actually. Maxene Eigenmann, whom we can all assume is related to the Eigenmann dynasty of Philippine showbiz, actually looks very beautiful (and¬†hello, I’ve said this long ago…parang bawal ang pangit sa pamilyang yun). She got a lot of comments for being a poor version of Blair Wardolf. Well, to me she’s pretty, though she doesn’t look as bitchy as Blair.

Actually I would like to stop comparing. I watched the clips on youtube¬†and well, it’s not whoa-worthy naman talaga. But you know, let’s not be too harsh to these kids. Relax lang.

What’s funny here is that with all the flak the show has gotten after it aired last Saturday, I’m pretty sure more people would watch it this week, if only to gather more reasons to hate it.¬† I saw it happen to Kris Aquino…that no matter how much people abhor her self-centeredness, her penchant for scandal and drama, still, people¬†from all social classes could not help but follow her every “exclusive revelations” on TV.¬†¬†

I still would not watch Lipgloss but I wish these upstarts would not be jaded this early in their careers.¬† One more thing, I am hoping that TV5 would bring more alternative shows to us. It used to be like that during ABC5’s early days. I hope we will be more open to other local shows that are not on the top two networks and on cable. However, at this rate, we would have to endure many debates on originality and this whole business of rip-offs.

– – –

My dear mother caught me eating hi-fiber crackers with cream cheese. She said she’s happy that I’ve learned to eat healthier. I said that’s what I’m having for dinner. When she went upstairs, I finished off the crackers and¬†I grabbed a bag of Cheetos, a 50 gram pack of dark chocolate candies and two little bottles of cultured milk (Yakult, to be specific). I’ve been craving for these three since this morning! And I didn’t lie to my mother. I didn’t say that the crackers were all I’m having for dinner, hmm? I wonder how long I would live with this kind of eating habits. Well, at least I’m eating. I know some people who deliberately refuse to eat; I think that’s more troubling than my junk food phase.

– – –

I am off to watch A Bit of Fry and Laurie. I don’t see Hugh Laurie’s sexiness in his comedic stunts but undeniably, he and Stephen Fry are amazing performers.

So my loves,¬†’til¬†tomorrow, Friday — a day to cram everything that should have been done in the previous days. ūüėȬ†


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