correction, it’s REMA

So, it’s REMA Hadley after all, not Remy.

– – –

I watched sneak peeks of season 5 and they all made me more excited for September 16 to arrive. I will not be able to watch it but personal and online friends in the US will shower me with spoilers. I love spoilers. *grins*

Here’s the latest promotional video released by Fox.

Cuddy: You’re not listening to me, are you?

House: Try it sometime. You’ll see why.

Ah, I love their relationship! As Hugh Laurie put it, it’s a thick-skinned interaction all the time.  I hope they will start sniffing each other more as was hinted by the producer but I also hope they would not get together as in together

Their relationship now works because their cutting exchanges show their affection for each other; this style tramples showing it through sweet gestures and making out any given day.

I think it is the best form of relationship ever.  Not too close but definitely not too far either.


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