happy Holiday weekend

I’m still semi-wasted from one of my bestfriends’ birthday party in Cavite. In Holiday Village, Imus actually. That could be the reason why most great get-togethers happen at her place. Village name pa lang, sabaw na.

Sometimes, I wish we never moved to Manila. I missed and am missing a lot. I always get a kick out of seeing my high school friends who have both transformed and stayed the way they were at the same time. Well, I wonder how is that possible but that’s the way I see them.  All of them have their careers and they have ventured out of our small town, too. But still living there, going home there makes a lot of difference.  It is very urban, yes, but it’s still the town we have known. One cathedral, one public market, common meeting places, favorite hometown diner. I miss all of it.

Going back to Imus releases me from all the delusions I enclosed myself into. If some pictures from my office life made me see that life was simpler then, being with my high school friends, seeing the familiar stretch of streets in Imus, catching up with most things I missed, made me realize that life was not only simpler back then, but also very happier.

I’ve always known that if I want to be pulled back to the ground, all I have to do is just take a bus, a trike, and there I’d be. It’s also home, actually.

I miss being wasted and not only I was one yesterday, I was also euphorically sloshed (see, I may still have remnants of it. Who the hell uses euphorically sloshed in a sentence?).  I forgot how many tequila shots I took, how many personal details I spilled, how many affectionate and compromising pictures I posed for, and frankly, how much I’ve eaten since I got there on Saturday afternoon.  I crashed the celebrant’s place (as I always do whenever I feel like it, I mean, her room is like everybody’s room anyway) and since then it’s been talking, confessing, listening to rants and raves about life, eating, drinking, singing, eating, throwing up (but it’s not me), reminiscing, and more drinking till morning.

I also realized that my problems, perceived ones at that, were very shallow. I have too much drama in my life, perhaps because it is boring to start with. I spice it up by being very cheesy. After talking to all of them, I felt light and serene. Even the guys, they have a natural ability to tell you that you are potentially putting yourself to waste. It was not only about me though. All of us had our moments, and we all got to say, Okay, sit still and tell us what the f*ck did you do this time. Ah, I really love that dining table. It always has been a witness to mundane and petty banters to the most intimate conversations of us friends, as we sadly go through adulthood.

I sometimes wish I could go back to 1994. We all became friends then. I promise to make the most out of it because really, I know I didn’t. Had I known it would be this great until now, and is going stronger actually, I would make and collect more memories. O di ba, ang drama na naman. Itigil na nga yan.

Anyway, more than a decade of friendship and we can still finish each other’s sentences. Most times after communing with them, I feel that a romantic love affair is so rotten compared to this.



The picture of the night though was this:

This was taken ten years ago. Convulsive laughter whenever we look at it.  Look at the get-up naman. And until this second, paulit-ulit kong tinatanong, Bakit ako naka-rubber shoes ng ganon sa blouse na suot ko? WTH?

Since we’re into embarrassing ourselves, another picture surfaced which was so jurassic, we cannot take it off LN’s closet door where it was tacked ages ago so a picture of said picture was taken na lang. Haiii.

Meet the Spice Girls and their manager. Ako yung manager. Circa 1997, I think.

It was a weekend well spent.  What’s just funny is that I, twice again, watched Evan Almighty before hopping to a bus bound to Cavite, and guess what was on HBO when I dropped my bags at home earlier? The movie seems to be following me and I always go with it anyway. Could it be telling me something? Perhaps. Want to know how? Well, having watched it a jillion times now, I still kept on tearing on the part where the “waiter” tells Evan’s wife, If you wish for patience, do you think God gives you patience? He gives you opportunities to be patient. When you wish for your family to be closer, do you think He showers you with warm, fuzzy feelings? He sends you opportunities to be closer, to be together, side by side.

See, taking off from that, I wished for sincere happiness and feel-good moments since I did something I want to forget (but I can’t, damn) on August 8. I got them actually, the apex of which was the whole birthday party.

O di ba, same ol’ drama. Eh, what the hell.

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2 replies

  1. correct. actually kahit hindi lasing…makipag-kita ka lang sa ibang groups of friends mo, makikita mo talaga that your side of the fence is greener pa din pala kahit papaano. self-pity lang kasi is such a fun hobby!

  2. paminsan din masarap malasing ng todo, e
    kasi dun mo lang talaga ma-realize na may mas malalaking pang problema sa mundo kesa yun sa dinadala mo

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