Tactless Men

Men should not be allowed to talk sometimes.

They would give you I don’t care or I don’t indulge myself in small talk and gossip, I’m a man! speeches (or silent shrugs which mean the same thing) when you’re casually relating something.  Next thing you know, in an effort to impress/make casual talk/kill time, they’re blabbing the same things they claimed they weren’t interested in a nanosecond ago to the same exact person or group of people to whom certain words or impressions were intended for.  The problem is, they usually don’t deliver it the way you originally meant them.  The result is almost always a misunderstanding, just like what happened now. 

Women – in moments when they regress to being immature girls – are capable of being catty and bitchy in their own ways.  Most times, we can do it without even physically sniffing each other.  We just need emotions, insecurity and provocations.  In most cases, women do it without the intent of getting it across, whether to another woman, a man or a group of people.  This hormonal phase is more often than not an outlet to release something.  It gets messy when someone takes it at face value and, with or without deliberate intent, spills it to another. Again, worse, when it’s to the person who’s the subject of the bitchfest.

Women like us (no, wait, I’m still just a lady, hmm) also do it but it usually does not bring this pathetic misunderstanding.  We are capable of blowing up something but we can get away with it on our own.  Men do it then leave alone the crazy mess when the people involved start delving deeper into that careless and frankly, ultramoronic blabbing. All because they’re men who talk less and act more. Hell.

A man in my circle who knew the whole thing told me we should not do it in the first place (he probably meant yakking for enjoyment). I said no, it’s not possible, and want to know what could have been possible? Me making true to my joke of hitting the (future) blabber with a vodka bottle on the head last weekend.

Although just so you know, I did mean it. All of it. 

Nonetheless, hay nakuuu. Men! You are only better off shouting our names while in the throes of passion, or whispering sweet nothings when we’re not in the mood.  Seriously.  Other than that, we would appreciate if you’d just shut up.

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7 replies

  1. ahahaha, my bad! pero what if comparable sa pipit, pano yan?! naku hopefully not.

  2. don’t compare guys to small birds
    tandaan mo
    we have a fixation on sizes

  3. hahaha i’m glad i also poked a lot of his kind, dahil ang alam lang nya eh mag-check sa hotmail at pumunta sa friendster, kaya wala rin, hindi rin nya ito mababasa hahaha!!!

    kayong mga lalaki ha, parang mga pipit!

  4. hehe
    guilty as charged, your honor

    hasty generalization still works

  5. ^ No, I’m not mad. Nairita lang. Ganon naman kami di ba? Plus yeah, you have a point sa outsider thing. Oh well.

    Oo, still vividly remember that drum set surprise. For someone who knows a lot of words ano? Kinulang sa discretion. Sino ngayon ang magsasabing mas tangek sa love ang mga babae?! Hay, kabataan memories hahaha!!

  6. hehehe alam ko itooooh!
    di naman yon sadya forgive nyo na. mga chismoso pa sa atin ang mga lalaki akala mo ba and true, minsan pag nagpapacute sila, sa mga babae din sila nagchichismis para maka-points. alala mo ang “surprise” drumset chuvanes? bwehehe.

    ang isip ko lang naman diyan ay you’re not mad (mad nga ba) dahil sa sinabi nya pero dahil ang dating is ang things na sa loob ng barkada hindi sinasabi sa isang hindi naman kasali….yon bang pinipilit lang isali by association??


  1. “come on, spill.” « . judiefication .

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