We are looking at accomodation options for our Kota Kinabalu trip soon. Time passed by swiftly; we booked our plane tickets last May with the thought that our last quarter trip is still too far in advance. I am so eager to go out again. I miss the beach already.

I scrapped my Tokyo plans for this, after months and months of planning it with Rach.  She’s still egging me to go because she’s definitely set to be there anyway. I’m looking at my calendar and it’s still open. I must have filed for this vacation leave earlier than my KK trip.  However, I have no more extra money to spare.  Plus going there around the same period of the launch of the limited collection of H&M for Comme des Garcons would be too much of a pain if I don’t have more pocket money. Tsk. I sometimes think of a Muji shopping trip which now would definitely wait for a while. It may not be the same even if Mujis sprouted in many locations outside Japan.  That’s what I simply want to do there.

The next solid travel plan in my calendar is New York next May.  Raft3r said he’s still good to go but really, I’m thinking of how feasible it would be because that would be barely eight months after he’s gone to the US for a three-month training.  Not only his leave calendar, I’m thinking of how he would be on a roll in his new agency, utilizing all the training he got from MD.  I wish he can still go. If and only if he can’t, I would go alone, really. My immersion plans in NY would probably not please him anyway because I have mostly artistic, geeky and gastronomic adventures lined up (now I just judged him, hahaha).  A friend in Cebu offered to come so I will look at that possibility, too.

I regret not doing as much travels as I can since I started earning.  I still kind of know where my money went and I barely had regrets over these expenses.  Sometimes I just wish I put them into plane fares, hotel accomodations and other tours.  Traveling once a year is not bad at all but really, I could have gone to more places. Well, it’s not too late, is it?

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5 replies

  1. ^ tara! sabi nga nila, LET’S JOIN US! 🙂

  2. Wooooot! Sama ako! But your Tokyo is expensive, pag-ipunan mo yan. It’s like going to the US also, halos. Go travel, masaya!!!

  3. @ raft3r – talaga ha??? i would really love to have you with me. let’s make plans when you get back.

    hindi pala, let’s make options, not plans. sabi ni jennifer aniston yan. yessss…. 🙂

    @ iryn – just ring me if you plan to go somewhere. i actually want to go back to coron eh.

  4. Nako masarap talaga mag-travel =) When I graduate yun ang next plan ko. Hopefully kasama kita kahit domestic lang muna =)

  5. hey
    don’t scrap me off your plans yet
    2loy tayo!!!

    although, we have to find a hotel in NJ para tipid tayo
    mahal NY

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