dehydrated thursday

i felt it as early as last night but i slept through it until a terrible tummy ache woke me up at 5 am.

i called in sick today and it irks me a bit because i lined up too many things to finish for tomorrow’s ‘big’ day.

i am now stuck doing little things i can do from here at home. i guess this is fate’s way of seeing how productive and flexible i could be. or not. maybe there’s nothing behind it – just your logical intestinal rumble because over hearty discussion about kota kinabalu and other destinations, we ate pseudo-chinese food at this small food kiosk for the first time.

in between going back and forth the restroom and rehydrating myself (but to no avail), i read a magazine from cover to cover, stared at my baby blue wall, revisited gavin degraw’s chariot album*, bugged friends with silly text messages, browsed spoiler blogs about house, brothers & sisters, gossip girl (yes) and desperate housewives (yes, again), listened to taylor swift (she’s okay) and tried “booking” myself for trips in ho chi minh, tokyo and the US (as long as i do not hit “purchase”, i’m good).

one thing i don’t like about this is the lack of gentleness in saying what my situation is. ah, old people nga naman.

example: bakit hindi nakapasok si odette**?
sagot: (loud voice, enough for the whole street to hear) eh naku, nagt*t*e kaninang umaga pa!!!


i’m also nursing a bad cold so my ladies thought that’s why i was out. people have been calling in sick because of high fever lately.  then someone thought nagpa-raspa daw ako probably because i made kuwento sometime ago about my pap test so i guess it stuck (it was a joke, of course).  it reminds me of the time i was asked if i was pregnant because my tummy got bigger (eh mataba pa rin naman ako ngayon and happy with it, what say you), at naloka ako sa pagpaliwanag na araw-araw na pizza at potato chips lang ang nasa loob nun. but after that incident, every time makikita nya ako lagi sya tumitingin sa tummy ko. umaasa?! but mind you, i got away with some perks just because i pretended i was pregnant. remind me to tell those stories sometime.

for now, i need to go somewhere again. you know where.

* i forgot how i used to love ’em all. lahat ng kahibangan ko ng 2005, soundtrack ang buong chariot album.  i also realized that even if all my feelings disappeared, i could not dedicate more than anyone to anyone else kahit mas apt to this new person because RM would always be associated with that song. same with you give me something because of, well, yung since last year. 

** that’s how my family calls me, pwede rin dith or dette or odeta. ibang legion ang nagpauso ng juday at judie. pero all of them are okay with me.

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7 replies

  1. kapitbahay ko yan, eh

  2. saya kanina. tita miles’ last day. madrama ang picture slideshow. dami mo din face don. pati nga si justin eh…tapos tinukso ako bigla ni RES, bwahahaha, kinilig ako!!!

    tas someone brought brownies, pinipilit sa akin na gawa daw nya eh kitang kita ko naman yung name na aggy’s sa boxes…sarap sapakin.

  3. nyahaha
    blame baltimore
    my humor’s gone awol

    admin day
    miss ko na ang ganyan

  4. honga ang corny. okay na sana kung nag-stop ka na dun sa ‘get well soon’, baka napatawad ko pa, hahaha!!!

    salamat, i’m feeling okay now, nakapasok na ako ulit. admin day eh, masaya!

  5. may love-nat ka na naman, yummy friend
    get well soon
    eto na ang yakap-sul at kiss-pirin mula ke Dr. House
    baduy ko na!

  6. Thank you, Pamskie! I’m excited for you! At naku hindi ko na hinahanap ang kakanta rin ng More Than Anyone. Ako hanapin nya ‘no. Hahaha! 🙂

  7. Dith, pagaling ka ha! I emailed you updates about my wedding ha. We also have a wedding site.

    Btw, I almost included more Than Anyone sa songs namin. It’s a very beautiful song talaga. If you can find another person whom you can sing it to and he can sincerely sing it to you too, chances are, you are meant to be. Go find it girl! Love you!

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