To cap my interest this week with men (imagine blogging about them almost in succession), I am happy to discover that:

(1) Aaron Sorkin has a legit Facebook account (but sorry, his profile is totally private), and he created a Facebook group, all because he is writing a screenplay about the creation of the social networking site.  I have no idea how interesting it would be but as a certified Sorkinite, I am all for it. 

For those who are not in the know, Aaron Sorkin is the twisted genius behind brilliant shows such as Sports Night, The West Wing and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  If you loved A Few Good Men, The American President or Charlie Wilson’s War, it might interest you to know he penned their screenplays, among other movie projects. 

He’s not a straight arrow but despite all of his lapses, I am always in awe of his talents.

(2) Someone uploaded a video of Hugh Laurie performing at an event with Band From TV.  See, he used to be part of the band as lead vocals/keyboardist but he left a few months back.  Jesse Spencer, who plays Dr. Chase in House, kind of replaced him because he plays the violin well.  But at a NetFlix-sponsored charity event on August 9, Hugh showed up and performed a Dr. John original song titled Such A Night.  I won’t start on how much I adore this man lately, so just click here to watch it. [I can’t seem to successfully embed youtube videos lately, hmmm.] 

What a way to bookend my good week. I’m actually smiling.

I will bury myself in books and Flight of the Conchords episodes until Monday. Hooray for long weekends.

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2 replies

  1. the US open’s over by now so i hope you had a grand time!

  2. aba
    puro boys, ha

    nood na akko US Open in a few hours

    tulog ako sa byahe nito mamaya

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