Operation: Stingy is good to go starting today.

I thought about it when I heard holiday tunes from pipe-in speakers in malls yesterday.  We now entered the last four months of the year, the (dreaded) “-ber” months as they say.  They’re the most expensive months of the year which for me extends until January because it’s my birthday month.

I realized that I put myself in many travel chopping boards until mid-2009 that the most reasonable way to start scrimping more to be able to enjoy them is do it today. Yup, today.  It will be hard because of the upcoming international book fair and our office’s bazaar next month but I will do it.

I am still not decided on which areas of my financial activities should be adjusted in order to do my self-imposed operation successfully.  On top of my mind, I thought of being more innovative with my Christmas gifts to friends. I will make something for them.  It will be simple but would say that all my thoughts of holiday love are still in it. Too bad for my younger nephews and nieces though.  They would be receiving books from me this year.  It’s about time I invest in their young minds. The book fair is the best venue to kick off that plan.  I can even pick up the same for my adult relatives and friends. Nice, nice plan so far.

I would also refrain from eating out more.  Once or twice a week, with friends, is enough.  I would spend more time at home and shave off my to-be-read pile of books or spend more time online, so I can maximize my wifi bill of almost a thousand a month.  I am certifiably a boring person in that I can kill hours and hours just being in front of Simone, looking for anything I can learn from.  I cyberstalk, too, but see, I do it for my own personal enjoyment and satisfaction, not/not to use it against people. I just love discovering information that other people would not tell me. Hahaha, evilness, yes?

After the international book fair, I will not/will not buy any more books for myself.  If I strictly follow my book fair list, I would have bought my 85th book for 2008 by the time the book fair’s over. While it is not bad because it’s my own money and most of them came from book sales anyway, it is unfair to have read only 20 books since the year started. Such an embarrassing ratio.

I am still very thankful for my comfortable lifestyle.  Granting that it is not as grandiose as what I want my life to be, still, it’s a good life.  It is normal for a human being to want and lust for material things but thankfully, I was created with a reasonable degree of self-control.  In fact, it all boils down to my simply being imaginative yet boring.  I can endure fantasizing about these flashy material things, destinations and activities, but ultimately, I do not act on them. At the end of the day, I derive pleasure from sitting in my computer chair at home, typing a blog entry, checking my Facebook account, or browsing scholarly websites. They all pass. If only for this I should believe that my scrimping operation would succeed. 

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3 replies

  1. ^ in between life and death daw, we simply pay the bills. ganun lang siguro talaga. masaya naman eh, right?

    at talagang this early meron ka na nakita ha. sige, let’s talk about that further. parang gusto ko mag-May na ah, hehe.

  2. by the way highway, i found a place we can stay while in NY
    kitam, looking forward na ako sa trip natin

  3. ah, yes
    panahon na naman ng gastusan
    when will it stop!!!

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