PMS! Danger ahead!

PMS is usually characterized by extreme tearfulness, low self-esteem and mood swings among many other symptoms.

I am regularly experiencing this because my cycle is so on the dot, it’s so boring already.  This fact will also save me money in buying a pregnancy kit because I can already tell by just looking at the calendar.  Not that I am prone to get pregnant soon. That’s still light years away.

I just cried while watching Paul Potts on etc. So yes, I’m really PMS-ing.

I’m fighting the urge to send him an email to tell him I terribly miss him because it will be unanswered anyway. Plus with this mood, I would never ever justify it to myself a few days later. Remember, I’m faking it till I make it.

I need to read a particularly badass book or article so I won’t be distracted by this.  Problem is, I’m like a hungry vampire looking at the dusty Judith McNaught novels in my equally dusty shelf as if they’re gushing blood. 

Categories: Random Judie

3 replies

  1. tumaas naman ang level nya, naghahard rock na ito ngayon. favorite nya steak doon. ipapahiram ko sya talaga mawala lang ang pagka lukring lukring mo.

  2. ^ in that case, paki-calendar na ang paghiram ko kay pep ha! ako na magbabayad ng lahat, tutal wendy’s lang nabibili na prinsipyo nyan di ba? hahaha! peace!

  3. Iha, wag mo sya e-mail dahil trust me makukulot ulit ang buhok mo sa akin. thats a threat!

    si pep ang ok kasama sa PMS moments kaya swerte ako. nanonood yan ng tagalog movie dahil sa PMS ko. natutulog nga lang but still supportive di ba?

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