10 more random things

It took me an hour to get home. The heavy rains submerged almost all roads in my route. My jeepney driver was so cool about all of it so he just let his stereo blare Pinoy songs (read: Jessa Zaragoza, Renz Verano and Aegis). While this was happening, I thought of more random things about me. I wrote down 10 last year.

11. My left ear cannot hold an earpiece the normal way. When I wear it as it should be, it falls off. Good thing I can cover it with my long hair because I had to angle my earphone a certain way so it would fit my left ear.

11.1 My right ear hears more clearly than my left.

11.2 My right ear’s piercing is vertically longer than the left’s. It’s because I used to insert pickup sticks to it, as in like in a skewer, my ear being the meat. Yes! When the stick is halfway through my ear (the other half sticking at the other end, of course, not inside okay?), I’d let it dangle there, pretending it’s my earring. I started masochism very early. 

12. I was never allowed to play outside when I was a kid.  An old story goes that my Dad caught me talking to ants one day, asking them where they are going and why they are crawling in one line.  The next day, I was introduced to the neighbor’s kids.  

13. I do not eat onions. In any form.

14. The first movie I saw was Tuklaw (with Richard Gomez). But the first one I vividly remember was Petrang Kabayo at ang Pilyang Kuting. Both were shown during the late ’80s.

15. Until I was in third grade, I was conditioned that I want to be a scientist when I grow up. I don’t remember if I even know what a scientist is.

16. I once faked a phone call. I was in my uncle’s house when I dialled my classmate’s number. I cannot hear anything so instead of asking what happened, I carried on a “conversation” which I had to “cut short”.  I put the phone down. My uncle asked me if I made the call. I confidently said yes then hurriedly left. I looked back and there he was holding the other end of the telephone cord that was accidentally unplugged from the phone socket. See, I was already too proud even in my childhood.  

17. I bullied someone into thinking she was adopted. She wasn’t but she didn’t look like any of her parents so I stood by it whenever we were out to play. Actually it’s not only me. My niece Lai and our childhood friend Mimi completed that triumvirate of evil.

18. I was an intern at my current office two years before I was hired.  I was just aimlessly walking along Padre Faura (where my university campus is) when I thought of crossing Roxas Boulevard to drop off my internship resume, without even knowing if they accept interns (besides, I was aiming for Makati because I got so tongue-tied with all the skyscrapers and the busy vibe of the district). I was allowed until the guards’ station. A received a call four days after.  It turned out they launched the pilot internship program two days before I dropped off my application. Then as they say, the rest is history.

19. The first book I bought with my very first paycheck is Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.

20. Except for the sign of the cross, I do everything with my left hand. I’m a left-hander but I can write legibly with my right. So does that make me slightly ambidextrous? 

I’ll think of some more.

What about you?   

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5 replies

  1. 12. I was never allowed to play outside when I was a kid. An old story goes that my Dad caught me talking to ants one day, asking them where they are going and why they are crawling in one line. The next day, I was introduced to the neighbor’s kids.

    — sobrang natawa ako dto. It only shows that you’re curious about whats going on with the world. Sabi nga nila ” be an inquirer” but maybe not to the extent of talking to the ants itself =)

  2. @ ate reens – honga, ano ba yan. pero di ka pa naman “working girls” o “kisapmata” era ano?

    @ lai – i believe it was karla. her sister was too young to understand what ampon meant. we’re evil hahaha!

  3. One more thing… I SO remember the adopted story… Was it Karla? or her sister?? HAHAHAHAHA… memories, eh?

  4. I was tagged last year??? Didn’t know…
    *goes to work*

  5. hanep petrang kabayo at pilyang kuting! eh inday and the golden bibe? harharhar! lekat ako ata john en marsha films pa eh. nahahalata ang mga edad…

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