jologs moment 1

i have horrible expressions when i get startled (camote, kabayo, bobo, etc). i fight the urge to say the tagalog cuss word “p” because, well, it’s just wrong. but sometimes i have to use it because i’m so overcome by…certain feelings. no, i’m not angry. i’m the total opposite of angry.

jologs moment. potangena nabasa ko kasi ito ngayon lang: 

Question: Do you have good news about House and Cameron? — Aleki

Ausiello: They’re not getting killed off anytime soon. That’s good, right? Meanwhile, I’ve got great news for House-Cuddy ‘shippers: Sources confirm to me exclusively that your favorite couple will finally lock lips in episode 6! (source)

ahhhh! episode six! kung tuloy tuloy ang episodes, by christmas ang episode na ito. kaso news have it na after the third episode, may break ang mga palabas dahil sa world series tsaka sa US elections. so di pa sure kelan mage-air ito.

ilang beses ko na sinabi that when house and cuddy hook up, hindi na maganda. pero na-excite ako dito. nabubuwisit na house/cameron fans. bwahahaha! and even if “house kissed back” kay cameron in season three, feeling ko mas ok itong kay cuddy. four seasons ang build up nito. wahoo!

snot na malagkit. goshhh.  

hindi ito magugustuhan ni sandy kasi maka-house/thirteen sya. eh parang mas gusto ko na lesbian si thirteen. hehe.

okay. gusto ko ulit magmura sa tuwa. til next jologs moment! 

edited after 30 minutes: naku pag hindi ito totoo, ipapakulam ko si ausiello. atsaka parang ayoko mag-expect ng maigi kasi baka hindi ito kasing hot ng iniisip ko (parang yung kina courteney and jen sa dirt, though hot pa rin naman yung girl-on-girl kiss na ‘yon). oh well, i don’t envision them becoming a couple tlaga– sina house and cuddy ha. sige na nga, kahit lip lock na lang tas implied sex in the next scene tapos sarcastic moments na ulit till the next season. pwede na ‘yon. ahehehe.

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