not a weak week

I’m glad that this week’s over but I’m also pretty satisfied with how busy it was.  One thing that has not changed though is how a week spins like a top that before you can blink twice, it’s already over.  The year’s ending, the Earth is spinning faster.

Domino effect – The Domino’s Pizza branch near my office has a 99-peso eat all you can pizza promo between 11 am and 1 pm and 5 pm and 7 pm. We became regulars recently and we literally stuffed ourselves silly with heavy pizza doughs with very minimal toppings! I never liked Domino’s but hey, 99 is 99…I don’t think you can ever find pizza slices that filling for less than a hundred pesos. As a result, I am back to my path to obesity. It did not help that I capped my busy work week with pork sisig and inasal chicken wings with hefty cups (yes, plural) of garlic rice. I swear, I felt my nose thicken and my nape, numb and afterwards heavy, after eating.

Less drama, more food, more TV, less sulking. I’m trying to create a new me. Have an awesome weekend, earthlings.

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  1. iryn – sex? bwahahaha!!!!

    seriously, yeah, even if it’s hard to resist (fighting emotions, that is), kaya naman eh. there are lots of things to spend time and energy on…na may personal development pa na kasama. corny but true!

  2. “Less drama, more food, more TV, less sulking” –
    Noted. Instead of wasting our time looking for something we can’t have at the moment. — which is you know what * wink *wink

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