Cuddy and me

I wouldn’t want to ruin anything, but they’re definitely exploring the [House/Cuddy] relationship further without actually losing the dynamic that exists between them. That kind of edgy dynamic does not go away. [David Shore] never writes in a straight line. So it’s been a lot of fun…I think that if you ask [Cuddy], I think for her she deeply admires this human being as much as he’s a pain in the ass or a pain in the arse, depending on who you talk to. I think she sees the best in him on that level even though he makes her life very, very difficult at times. (Source)

Sometimes, it helps to pick a line or two from Lisa Cuddy to encapsulate what I feel. The joke may get old, but yeah, I could be Cuddy to someone who is like House, except the limp. Although see, the hanging possibility of it happening or not — and an apparent preference to not make it happen yet so as not to ruin the relationship — is what makes this experience more worthwhile.

Anyway, TV is TV, and it is definitely more exciting than real life, so I cannot wait for some House/Cuddy action very soon.


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  1. ^ ate reens, yup, DH naman next week! i almost forgot about the flash forward kasi i was too occupied by house. brothers & sisters and gossip girl, kelangan ko din mag-catch up. hooray for fall season premieres!!!

  2. Next week naman ang Desperate Housewives!


  1. I love my HOUSE! =) « . judiefication .

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