on the verge of falling

Read what my tears have to say, if asked collectively:

the week is not over yet.

oh, we heard it before.

that’s the key, probably, hearing something, anything. we promised days ago that we will not gush uncontrollably, if ever. however, when summoned, we definitely will. we’re pretty much designed to fall anyway. as much as we wish to flow because of joyful glee, our purpose has been to release some form of disappointment or sadness. we are always ready to go out those ducts but we would prefer staying put for a very long time. we do not like being wasted on undeserving people or circumstances. then again, we are categorically owned by her heart (though most times we wish to be under her brain, for a change) so we will have no choice but to come rushing if something hurts her again.

so for now, we wish that everything works out for the best. not necessarily that she gets whatever’s (not) for her, but we wish something happens that would not make her feel bad again. because that’s basically where our hard work starts; we never run out of supply but, frankly, we would like to give her a break, in any little way apart from us falling because that’s something we cannot do anything about.

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7 replies

  1. @ raft3r – back to bloghopping!

    @ iryn – sure let’s meet around that date =)

    @ lai – ahahahaha, i honestly don’t remember that lost wallet incident!!! well, nung bata tayo i must have looked cute when crying, pero ngayon, siguro i’m like this cute bawling pink pig. oh well. hahaha!!!

  2. this reminds me of an incident in 4th or 5th grade, when you lost your wallet and the waterworks were flowing like crazy, and you and I tried to retrace our steps to see if we can find it. One of the teachers said, “Judith, ang cute cute mo pag umiiyak…”

    hehehehe… just wanted to make you smile. don’t know if you remember but I do. I don’t know why that stuck to me. I think that was really the only time that I’ve seen you cry that much. la lang… =)

  3. My eyes was actually sore last night while I’m reading this. If you can read my blog you’ll know. I wish to see you next month ha, Sembreak ko na un.Maybe sa Oct 24?

    Cheers dearie..

  4. let’s give her a break, shall we?

    i’m back
    swerte mo
    binaha ako at di pumasok
    kaya basa todo ng blog mo

  5. ate reens, of course naman. namiss ko ang notoriety mo ha. too bad i can’t see the hand gestures =)

  6. Crying is healthy.
    Pero do me a favor sis. Do not let him see you cry. Please. Yon lang. Utang na loob.


  1. forehead, meet my palm « . judiefication .

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