I missed Katherine and Bree. Carlos looks like Andrea Bocelli. The Scavo twins look like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. Susan is still lame. Edie is hotter. I don’t like the face of Edie’s husband.  Mike is better off without Susan.  Gaby has disturbing chubby kids.  Favorite line of the episode: “Mrs. McCluskey! You’re still alive!!!”

Yummy friend, ayan ha. No turning back. Unless provoked. Kidding. 🙂

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  1. ^ i loved that scene, too!!!
    anyway, yeah, i don’t like susan but it feels different din naman when shes not around =) pero her lover’s hot ha!

  2. I am SOO psyched that the new season is here! New epi again tomorrow! I watched the season premiere twice so I can soak it all in… You don’t like Susan? And I agree, the Scavo twins looked like Matt Damon hahahaa… My fave part of the epi was when Susan’s lover jumped out the window in his undies, and BOB and LEE saw him from their porch, and Lee takes a quick pic w/ the camphone hahahaha.. loved it! very subtle!

  3. DH kind of took the backseat since the season finale but it’s so rad they’re back =)

  4. I was so excited for season 5! I can’t wait to see how they flashed forward. Don’t you adore Gabby more? Love her struggle with her kiddies.

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