almost done pining

…so I’m quoting instead.

Just watched the third episode of House. Not going to put who said what but you can pretty much figure out who said the most sarcastic one below.

It is noble to want to confess. Really, it is.  But if there’s also damage and pain, that’s not noble, that’s selfish.

Are you happy he told you the truth?
Yes, of course.
Were you happier before you knew?

I want her to see what she wants to see when she looks at me. (Okay, it’s the POTW. I was guilty of this before. F–k.)

It’s just too bad.  You wanted her to see you in a different light, but not only didn’t she believe it, she didn’t even think it could be possible.

People hate people who have theories about people. (Hahaha, I know. But theorizing is so fun. Like parasailing fun.)

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