Joey: You three have a nice Thanksgiving.

Monica: The three of us?

Joey: Yeah! You, Chan, and the vein!


GBV, I am going to let it pass, and only because of all your pro bono consultation hours over roasted peanuts. Que mas da. I kind of asked for that reaction anyway. I have been gloating about it, complete with name-calling, for days.  No use throwing another one because the stupid perception ball will gather too many moss the moment I say something back. 

This is what Ms. C called watching from the sidelines.  

Oh, the Joey-Monica dialogue has relevance. Go figure.


However, this one does not have relevance:

Seriousy, how adorable is this private investigator? Pretty bright as well, though House scares him a little. He’s a terrible liar, too. Now, if Dr. Cuddy would refrain from wearing kurtina blouses, everything will be so much better. 🙂 I am having bouts of jumping ship.

[screencap credit]


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