this time, it’s maher-rific

Since last night, I’ve been overwhelmed by Kaitlyn Maher‘s cuteness.  Kaitlyn who? Well, she was a contestant of America’s Got Talent last season. She’s not your typical talent show contestant…she’s a little girl who just turned four. She’s very adorable. Even her lisp was so cute. I hardly adore kids like most people do but she really made me wish she’s mine. I’d give a lot to have someone like her for a kid, just to be consistent with my fantasy of my future family.  For a 4-year old, she’s very articulate, very well-mannered, although her innocence and obliviousness are still very normal. I wonder now if it’s really a great balance of nature and nurture to create something like that.

She went a long way from the New York auditions, until she made it to the top 10 where she was shaved off to go to the top 5 list.  It’s more than okay. I mean, she’s four! She actually sings very well…for a four-year old.  Her voice wasn’t that formed yet although she’s able to sing the lyrics very clearly (and correctly, at that) and keep herself in tune.  It’s not great singing actually, only very adorable at best.  In fact, she was only two years short of the contestants of our own Pinoy Dream Academy Little Dreamers who frankly kicked arses last night. Now, those Pinoy kids really did some real singing.

Anyway, I don’t want to sound anti-child expression but people should not really expect more from Kaitlyn.  Let her enjoy her being a kid “who loves to sing”. If she was eliminated very early on, I still would have thought it’s for her own good. That contest pits people of all ages against each other, using different talents, from the general ones like singing and dancing to eccentric ones like sword eating and doing magic tricks.

I am happy to see that Kaitlyn’s parents were never the typical stage parents type.  They’re good parents although if I become a mom to someone like Kaitlyn I would probably not put her in that kind of national spotlight at such a young age.  I would let her marvel at activities normal for her age, with slow introduction to the great stuff, while being carefully in check of her overall capacity.  I would never push more than what’s necessary.  Anyway, looking at Kaitlyn, her parents did a good job of molding her to be someone that wonderful.  I really envy them now. I do.

Anyway, here’s Kaitlyn’s very first audition piece.  She, of course, would remind you of Connie Talbot from Britain’s Got Talent a few years back. They’re both magnificently cute. Ah, I’m running out of adjectives. Hooray to kids like them. =)

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