Da Who?

Habang nasa jeep on my way to Midtown, I heard two people talking about their family’s ongoing feud.  From the conversation, there sprung a question I’ve always wanted to ask…

Sino ba si Kopong Kopong?

People use the term to pertain to years and years past.  Usually it stresses the oldness of an event (“Yung away nila eh nagsimula pa nung panahon pa ni Kopong Kopong”) or a thing (“Yung mga gamit namin sa office, panahon pa ni Kopong Kopong”).  Sometimes, in an effort to use it more explicitly to denote time, we also hear, “Ano ba yang sasakyan nyo, 19-Kopong Kopong pa.”

Hindi ba kayo nagtataka kung sino nga ba itong si Kopong Kopong?

On a related matter, growing up in Cavite, I got used to hearing something that made me think now that Kopong Kopong probably had an alter ago. It’s the expression, “panahon pa ni Mahoma.” It’s used in the same way as Kopong Kopong.  O di ba. Sino naman si Mahoma???!!!

Just a few questions in my very baffled mind. Kindly give your say on the matters raised. 

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7 replies

  1. Mahoma is a Japanese General when the Philippines was invaded by Japan.
    So Mahoma exist, but Kopong Kopong is unknown. I heard sometimes “nineteen Kopong kopong” or “panahon pa ni Kopong kopong”. The question is “bakit ginamit ang salitang kopong kopong, san nag origin? tao ba sya? anong salita yan tagalog ba?

    • Siguro kailangan muna ma-correct yung phrase na “nineteen kopong kopong” or “panahon pa ni kopong kopong”, alin ang totoo dyn at tama? 🙂

  2. ^ hahaha, yeah, it probably won’t be so nicole =) still, those two names puzzle me until now.

    see you soon!

  3. heard about that kopong kopong, but that mahoma thing is new to me! haha! funny! i wanna use it somewhere but it prolly won’t come out naturally. XD

  4. @ ate reens – glad to know you and the kiddies are back! cge, next time let’s plan that. haven’t been to cebu.

    @ lai – kaloka di ba? asked some people at work and they didn’t know them too! anyway…2010, that’s kinda soon na ha, hehe. di pala. im going there first. see you next fall!!! *kiss*

  5. hahahaahaha… i KNOW right? Kopong Kopong at Mahoma… Baka mga barkada ni Magellan yun.

    God, I haven’t heard those phrases used in a while. I miss Philippines. I think my next trip will be in… 2010? Get ready!! hehehe

  6. Hello gorgeous, I am back from Cebu! Next time, sama ka sa amin doon, you will enjoy it. I hope it doesn’t rain pag sama ka para makapag-enjoy ka. Nag-enjoy kami lahat esp ang mga kids.

    Hindi ko pala kilala si Mahoma at Kopongkopong. Harharhar!

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