mahone is a junkie

I’m way behind Prison Break that I’m still in the middle of season two.  I don’t know if I can finish 25 more so I can tune in to fresh season 4 episodes beginning this Tuesday over at the Crime/Suspense channel.

Anyway, we were introduced to FBI Agent Alexander Mahone in the start of season two. Cool character. Since he’s not the lead, of course, he always gets outwitted by Scofield and the gang. I saw him reach for pills hidden in his gold pen when he’s anxious.  Turns out he’s a midazolam junkie! Ah, what’s not to love about this guy? My TV favorites rock.  Matt Albie, Danny Tripp, Gregory House, and now Mahone!

However, T-Bag is still my favorite character in the series and Mahone comes a close second. Sucre is third.  Sara Tancredi is fourth. Michael Scofield only gives me eyecandy sex.

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