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Aha, after a fruitful extra-curricular activity, I thought, nah, I am not going to give someone the satisfaction that it affected me, even if all my blog entries were supposedly pathetic attempts. After all, if I may turn the table around, people who think of that are the ones who are actually insecure and suddenly unstable because I never dropped names, did I?

Nonetheless, you are still welcome to visit, you might even read something of relevance to you that he is not telling you yet.   

Ang sakit sa bangs, kahit wala naman pala akong bangs. Hahaha =)

Next time, leave a comment. Go ahead, let it come from you. Don’t just lurk. Your emissary may not deliver the exact information the way you wanted it, although he quite succeeded in doing most of it, in fairness. Kind of ruined my day but it’s not as if I have not thought of it before. Don’t deny nor defend, we’ve all been there, we all do it. That is one of the reasons why we have men as friends, we use them to get several points across. 

I may concoct scenarios in my head but this last one, I know it is not a product of my overactive imagination. But you know what, as long as I do not hear it directly from that person who I know more than any of you, and especially if he will not ask me to stop (not that he can), I will not drop whatever claim I have. Last I checked, this is still a free country. So go ahead and eat cheese and have a great life. Let’s all do. Life is short to be spent with ill feelings.

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2 replies

  1. ^haha, sumakit batok ko kanina sa barrage of information pero ok naman, akala yata hindi ko pa alam. eh ang dami dami dami ko kayang alam tungkol don.

    kaya wala akong pakialam ano. nakakatawa na nga lang ngayon. whore.

    anyway…let’s GM, will buzz you in a while.

  2. wow, what happened? me nagalit? sounds juicy.
    anyway, mahirap tlaga ang masakit na bangs. kaloka. daig ang pain ng cramps, hehe.

    hang in there girl. this is your blog. pag ayaw ng content wag magbasa. continue writing, we love reading your posts.

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