your fly is open

Aha, I made you look! [Aww, I miss Friends!]

My calendar is slowly filling up with events to go to and numerous things to do.  I could never ask for more diversions. People said I bared too much in this blog but really, I did not.  I did this to get several people’s attention and see, I did. Hahaha! I still get what I want after all. I am not saying I’m over everything but I can always stop so I am going to.  I can already see them getting taller, heads are getting bigger, helipad foreheads have bursting veins, all because of the attention. Oh well. Not everything about me. Still, tip of the iceberg, people. Ask my journals [again, if I die or get killed, the brown one has the most intimate details, the larger one has the quote collection, okay? Don’t sell them cheap on eBay]. 

Anyway, busy busy times. I am finding it hard to budget my finances once more but I’ve always gotten through it before so I’m very hopeful this year.  This is for real, yummy friend. You will finally be proud of me.  However, let’s still keep that bet in the air. Remember, cold cash for your car if – when – I am wrong. Sorry to say, I have a very happy feeling I am right. Bwahahaha.  This is the last time you will read something about this. For this week. Hehe.


Happy birthday today to Migs Basconcillo, the sweetest ten-year old I know.


Next post: Why do I love Laine?

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6 replies

  1. ^ sa march ko pa malalaman kung tama ako o hindi eh. bwahahaha!

  2. nyahaha
    may two outstanding offers na si lettuce mo
    you better act fast

  3. ^ bwahahaha!!!

    y’knw what, kahit sabi ko kanina, tinapon ko na sa dagat lahat ng sinabi mo nalaman ko, hindi ko pala natanong sa iyo, ano naman mage-gain ko kung TAMA ako?

    pwede bang akin na lang yung Picanto ng free, kahit kakabunggo lang ng tax sa kanya?

    malakas kutob ko eh kasi…basta. yes, magkakakotse na rin ako. ahehehe.

  4. ^ daig ang Harry Potter series sa sobrang daming magagandang exciting turn of events sa brown journal na yan. lahat ng feelings i was capable of nandun. take note, they’re all in my cursive handwriting using my ever dependable Parker Stanford Jotter black pen =)

  5. I am curious of that brown journal! When you get world famous that will sell a ton. Madami bang intimate explosives? Happy weekend!

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