I have had too many margarita glasses in years but nothing comes close to the kick of CH’s margarita tonight. It’s too strong, I fell in love with it.

Anyway, just came home from game night in SanLo. Now that’s what I call after-office fun. Too many noisy people but all in the spirit of good fun.  I have new appreciation for my Consular colleagues. Guesstures and Cranium were fantastic. I will stay longer next month and do better in all the games. I hope CH serves his margarita again.

I can live with the H’s forever. What’s not to love, they have a great cook-slash-yaya, they have very adorable kids and they have books scattered practically everywhere. More importantly, SH does have the complete Discworld series! I almost died. She said I’m free to grab ’em and read. I never use the word but now I will, and I will mean it: their house = awesomeness.

Off to the beach till Sunday night. I left JL, who was a bit drunk already, at the H’s; I hope he wakes up early tomorrow. I honestly don’t have high expectations of the place because I was already awed by Bohol, Palawan, Pagudpud and even the uncharted area of Polilio Island that’s already Dumagat territory. I’ll enjoy my travel buddies, at best. Yes, I’ll also be safe. [It was also said to me before I leave the office to which I retorted shamelessly, Nag-Yasmin na ako nine days ago, that should be effective already. Hahaha! But no, I’m not aiming for that there. Naman. My sight is set totally outside that office compound and that island, of course.]

I think I’m not gonna sleep tonight. I’ll just sleep on the bus. Or wherever. Woohoo, life is good again. 

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3 replies

  1. hindi yun laos
    nag-aaral lang sya ngayon
    yan, ha
    todo defend ako
    sana mag-plug ang GMA sa blog ko

  2. ^ laos naman yata yan, yummy friend.

    sana pala Diane na lang sinabi ko.

    Diane dela Fuente. ahehe parang mas laos.

    pero seriously, hindi ako gumagamit ha. joke lang yun.

  3. yasmin?
    as in yasmin kurdi?
    raft3r po
    porud to be kapuso

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