Why do I love Laine?

Let me give you several reasons why:

Me: I want to have a henna tattoo.
Laine: Anong ipapalagay mo?
Me: Parang gusto ko ng Japanese character.
Laine: E di sudoku.


She’s the only one in the unit who can send a business e-mail to all with the following: If you have questions, I am always ready to listen. In semi-formal unit e-mails, trust her subject line to read: Hear ye, hear ye! All the time. Not kidding.


I casually told her that TV’s House and Wilson’s friendship spat was very similar to hers and PA’s. Not a fan of TV shows in general, she re-told my observation and said to friends, “Sabi nga ni Judith para daw kaming yung sa The House.”


To ease her tension before a job interview, we gave her a mock Q&A session. One question was, “How will you handle a difficult employee?” Not in the mood to be serious, she said, “Sir, that question in itself is very difficult.”

When asked, “How do you see yourself in this organization in the future?”  Without batting an eyelash, she said, “I am already a diplomat’s wife.”


Laine: Eh di ba sabi nya (a colleague who hails from the province where we’re going) wag daw tayo sa beachfront kasi maingay?
Me: All of a sudden pinapahalagahan mo na ang opinyon nya?
Laine: Bilang isang Mangyan, dapat syang pakinggan. Ang mga indigenous people ang mas nakakaalam ng mga ganyang bagay doon.


She’s a natural entrepreneur. Trust her to introduce products that she also uses and next thing you see, people are already buying hordes of them from her. Note that these were not extraordinary ones, they’re simply lanyards, blouses, bracelets, and lately, sturdy ID covers. Her business acumen has reached the headquarters in Arlington already. She already has inspectors general for regular customers.



She sent an e-mail to everyone in the unit about an upcoming event. An officer who was already out of the office responded to her immediately.

Laine: DG’s not here yet he responded. Ah maybe he has his raspberry.
JL: You mean Blackberry?
Laine: *thinks a while* Ah yeah, Blackberry! Why did I say raspberry??? Oh well, at least they rhyme!


I love her for a lot more reasons. People already mistake us for lovers for we’re always together; in fact we tell people she’s Portia, I’m Ellen. 🙂 People also think she co-owns my online albums for she’s always a fixture in most of my pictures.  We really love being together. She is one of the most supportive ones I know, the one who would let you talk and talk and just ask you in the end, “So, what do you want to do now?” [The role of the one who tells me pointblank what options are available to me, or that she feels I should go for a certain plan, actually is Rachel’s. That’s how balanced my girlfriends are.]

Anyway, I love many of my friends but Laine does stand out in my life at the moment.  From our HAD (hopes, aspirations and dreams) sharing moments to wasting money by stuffing ourselves full in swanky restaurants, from movie dates to whimsical clothes shopping, from boy watching/scouting/ogling to silly tearful nights over banana split and many more activities. I think, our I am single melodrama aside, we are afraid of not being able to enjoy most things that should be experienced by single people.  So far though, the ride has been fun. So to my Lumbar Puncture Cualing, here’s to more happy and peachy things before you become a happy wife and mommy and before I become a successful project advisor to developing countries with a steamy sex life with a hunky geek!

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6 replies

  1. korek dalhin natin si lettuce.
    teka, green pa ba sya? balita ko ala-tigger na daw ah?anyway, hala sige, pagtapos ng kota kinabalu next week, tara lets, bagets.

  2. dalin natin si lettuce
    set a date
    masarap uminom don

  3. ^ ikaw lang naman ang puro drawing eh. sa becky’s nga hindi na tayo nakabalik. busy boy na kasi!

    go ako diyan. lalo pa ngayon, may cleavage na si cualing. ahahaha!!!

  4. yeah, i love her too
    one time tagaytay tayong tatlo

  5. ^ yup she’s really funny. actually most of my friends are. wala akong boring na friend hahaha!!!

    yung sa akin, malapit-lapit na. may ibang chapters pa ng ala-mr. bean moments ko. remember? =)

    enjoy the weekend, too. we’re off to the beach bukas.

  6. What a funny friend you have. That is good sis, surround yourself with happy people.

    Eh kailan naman mababasa ang mga hirit mo sa mundo? Kasya na sa isang libro iyon eh. Simulan mo pa noong high school…
    Happy week-end!

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