Wednesday conversations

I am still reeling from the scene that made me melt. It was probably nothing to other people but watching it made me so hot, I don’t know why. Oh well.

Back to my real life, here are some real quotes today:

Cab driver: So doon ka ba nagtatrabaho (my office – of course I told him where to drop me off)?
Me: Opo.
Cab driver: (in a mocking tone) Eh bakit wala kang sasakyan?

Cab driver: May asawa ka na ba?
Me: Wala pa ho.
Cab driver: Bakit, gusto mo ba Amerikano?
Me: Hindi ho.
Cab diver: Pero may boyfriend ka naman?
Me: Wala rin ho.
Cab driver: O e bakit naman? (looks at the rearview mirror) Di ka naman pangit.
Me: Eh hindi ko rin ho alam.

See, I frequently get “victimized” by drivers like him. Siguro kasi they see me as a non-threatening kind of person. Atsaka sumasagot kasi ako. This is why dapat nakapasak na sa tenga ang earphones pagsakay pa lang sa taxi, para wala ng tanong tanong. It’s a form of abuse, you know?



yummy friend: (laughs) Ah alam ko na kung magkaibigan kayo ni GD.
Me: Bakit?
yummy friend: Dahil pareho kayong other woman.

Ay ayoko na magcomment, yummy friend. Kasi nga sabi mo tumahimik na rin sya. O di ba tatahimik din pala eh. Hay.


Without putting it in a form of a conversation, I spent the last few minutes of my lunch break arguing whether women should really swallow. The only guy in the lunch group said women should try it once before passing on judgment about its gross level in general. For myself, it’s close to eating oatmeal in warm water…with salt. No, thank you. And no, it’s not clean. See, what a way to waste time in the midst of pertinent world issues.


Lastly, over Hungarian sausages, we were talking about the old school-type of management of a certain generation in the office which still involves some rather forced mingling and socializing with colleagues just to build rapport.

GV: Kayo lang naman ang mahilig magsasama diyan sa ganyan. Ako, pwede nilang hiramin ang sasakyan ko, o anupamang pag-aari ko pero hindi nila makukuha ang suporta ng aking katawang lupa!


We were talking about another agency’s potential as a better workplace:

MY: How is it there?
Me: Sabi ng friend ko, sa sobrang busy, nagtataka pa rin sya kung bakit nagkaka-space pa ang hostility.
RM: Baka kahit hindi masyado nag-iinteract, competitive ang atmosphere.
Me: Probably.
GV: Eh kiber na sa ganyan. Money is a big factor in staying.
RM: Yeah, because money can buy happiness.
(3-second pause)
All of us: SOMETIMES.


Wednesday is over. So it means…

Thursday na bukas. =)

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5 replies

  1. special mention ka sa new entry ko sa blog
    dalaw na!

  2. I agree with u, that’s nasteh! Very nasteh! It’s like swallowing lots of plema with bleach.. eck!

    Your cab conversations are funny… Since I drive to work, my stories would be full of road rage and yelling and tailgating and honking and cursing at drivers… Now do you really want a car? hehehe

  3. FYI, malinis kaya yon!
    nabasa ko sa men’s health pa yon.

  4. haha minsan iintindihin mo na lang tlaga mga cab driver eh

    kelangan matest drive muna yan si lettuce, parang gusto ko na rin itapon ang pustahan natin kahit feeling ko win pa rin ako. move on na, yaiks

    no, i will still not do it but it will not make me less of a good girl. i’m a very very good girl.

  5. nyahaha
    i love cab drivers
    they are so full of crap

    bilin na kasi si lettuce!!!

    btw, GOOD girls DO swallow

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