“Why do you need to negate everything?”

This is why I am smiling the whole day.

Regardless if it’s because I’m a fan or in some very twisted room in the basement I forcibly relate myself to this (not the baby-thing but the unresolved tension)…

Four years of build up, less than a minute of the thing…seriously, I would still be happy if they put things back to where they are. I’m not that demanding.

Oh, this is only for House followers. Do not click the link if you are not ready to see anything from season 5.

Doris, what do you say? Worth the wait, yes?

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4 replies

  1. ^ @ doris – hey =) too bad we have to wait next week pa because of the election coverage! pero spoiler mistress ako kaya i could not help but watch different trailers and i must say, kahit chase-cameron centered yung episode 7, you would enjoy their first ‘talk’ at PPTH the day after =)

  2. OMG. I can’t even get over it. && I’ve been telling you nga na I’ve been watching it over and over again.

    They’re just SO GOOD. But I’m like left hanging after the “Goodnight.” “Goodnight?!” && I wanna pull the days para Weds na ulet here to d/l as in, superrr. But really, for me, worth the wait, I mean, the timing for me is just perfect, the storyline, I must say na well thought of talaga on how they’ll insert the Huddy thing in the whole stretch of the series, di ba? Naisip ko lang na ung kainipan ko before for Huddy to really happen is parang pilit din, so tama lang na it happened now at Season 5. OMG, gurrlll. I can’t wait to watch their first scene after “the kiss” Oh, Gosh. BASTA. can’t wait na talaga. 🙂

  3. hahaha, see?! worth the wait. i was happy with it. what happened to cuddy was sad. it really is a complicated process pala. but the kiss was hot ha. and here i am still not over thirteen’s hotness last week! hotness week after week. hehe.

  4. Hindi ko natiis I d/l’d it. It was amazing. LE was very good. It must be so sad tsk tsk.

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