well, hello there, Peter

I found some Sports Night clips from Amazon. I realized that Peter Krause was one of the lead stars of this fantastic short-lived show, along with Felicity Huffman (who I adore, too).  I recently watched the pilot of Dirty Sexy Money to see how’s Donald Sutherland doing in the show. I ended liking Peter’s character, Nick George. An imdb search yielded that Peter was also part of Six Feet Under whose role worked closely with Rachel Griffiths, who is now in Brothers & Sisters (and oh, he waited tables WITH Aaron Sorkin for a time, too!)

I like a lot of TV shows but I do not like many characters too much. I hardly reach the point of fascination like the way I had/have with [all six in FRIENDS], Matt Albie, Danny Tripp, CJ Cregg, Mackenzie Allen and of course, Dr. Gregory House, but I’m open to new ones who would catch my attention.

I do not like TV characters just because they are attractive.  I think I always go for characters who are at some point damaged, or confused, insecure a few times, confident sometimes, bravely moving on after foot-in-the-mouth situations a few times…you know, things like that.  I also go for character developments that are realistic. Anyway, more episodes of Dirty Sexy Money, complete 2-season episodes of Sports Night and long-overdue Six Feet Under doses may have Peter Krause certifiably join my TV Characters I Love list.

p.s. I adore all people named in this blog entry, fictional or not. Would be cool to have them as friends. =)  

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  1. ^ hahaha! why not, it’s cool. pwede rin. let’s practice the valley girl accent =)

  2. hahahaha… You’re just like my cousin’s wife, who told me she’d like to be part of “The Hills” clique. She said she wanted to be their friend… hehehhe…

  3. oh yeah, how did i forget my heroine ally mcbeal? hahaha!!!
    okay lang naman for me si lois…naovershadow ni susan mayer…na di ko masyado type hehe.
    mcgyver, ano bah. ayan naririnig ko na ang theme sa utak ko, ayaw na tumigil…

  4. What about Ally McBeal (and the whole staff of Cage&Fish)?Teri Hatcher’s Lois Lane? eh c McGyver? Harharhar!


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  2. dweeb’s-a-trippin’ « ♣ judiefication ♣

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