rice monster

Simply put, I am devouring rice like a monster. It started last Saturday and it has gone nowhere else but downhill. It did not help that my mother makes me her guinea pig for all her school recipes. Also, I know this is because of a great friend coming anytime this week (which would be in time for my KK trip, argh – and this friend never misses, as Gaby Solis said last week, It’s never late. That never happens to me. I’m like a Swiss clock!).

I was proud to have lost weight two weeks ago and people have commented that I did appear slimmer lately. With this change though, nah uh, I am going to balloon up once more. Which is fine by me…at least I enjoyed rice (I almost ate Cheetos with rice earlier, no kidding). 


Speaking of being a monster, I noticed something going on here. I didn’t mean to discover most things but surprisingly, I do. Tsk. Why only now? I’ve been blogging about our favorite topic since I met…the topic. =) Everyone is welcome though. Haiii, happy days are here again.  Subtle gloating is fun.

Categories: Citizen Judie


2 replies

  1. basta magandang klase ha, wag NFA. =) shushality ako eh, you know.

  2. isang sakong bigas na lang xmas gift ko sayo, ha

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