a day in an ordinary life =)

A clock.07:30 Arrived in the office and started work early. Office is awfully quiet. Right foot hurts; I am wearing an old pair of black pumps which was last worn in 2006. The shoes kind of felt hard on the skin but…they’re shiny! Almost like new!

10:15 Office not so quiet anymore. I always stand up and make my way to my ladies to discuss anything (interesting cases, interpretations of visa laws, House, boys, Desperate Housewives, management styles, politics, hang-ups…anything). Sometimes I overdo it and would find myself standing in the middle of the office for too long. This time I probably did. The deputy chief went in and had an impromptu staff meeting that lasted for seven minutes.

11:45 Staff started eating so I did, too. I ripped open an energy bar I got from Healthy Options. It was chocolate and peanut butter-flavored. I took a bite. Tasted like feet. Not that I’ve tasted feet before. Raft3r asked for a bite. His face was indescribable. I think he hated it, too.

12:00 Upstairs to buy real food from the cafeteria. SG, my I-have-a-crush-on-you-only-when-I-see-you guy, was next to me in line. I tried to linger even if I only bought a single serving of fried chicken but it would be too obvious I’m waiting for him so I did not.

12:30 I chewed on the last edible part of my fried chicken which is still covered in mayo. I think that fried chicken skin slathered with mayonnaise is one of those things better than…other wonderful things.

13:05 I am dizzy. Nape is kind of heavy. Maybe the chicken in mayo overload caused it? I don’t think so.

16:45 At the mall aimlessly walking. No, not aimless actually. Bought a loaf of bread from my second favorite pseudo-French bakery. Bought toiletries even if I don’t need them yet because I just like shopping for toiletries. Tried on sundresses but did not buy any. But because my feet is about to be halved by the revived shoes, I bought flip flops that were on sale.

Cropped photo originally uploaded by Catching Jupiter18:00 Starbucks! I cannot remember when was the last time I was in Starbucks to have my reading time. The past months I’ve been loyal to The Coffee Bean, plus in most recent weeks, I haven’t had time to be “normal” so this activity took the backseat.

It’s the first day of Starbucks’ promo to get a planner! I am on this kind of hype, no matter what you think. The stickers needed to get a planner lessened to 16 from 24, the planner comes in three different colors although they resemble the plain notebook-type like in 2006, and I really confirmed that Peppermint Mocha drinks are out this year. They have Toffee Nut, Praline Mocha and Dark Cherry Mocha flavors. Not sure if I will like the last one because I detest cherries. I ordered their signature hot chocolate to get my first sticker. Fifteen more to go.

I also read a considerable number of pages of Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino. I’m still not finished with that book, obviously. But I like it. I noticed that no writer comes close to framing my own insecurities and inner demons than Japanese writers. I had this feeling while reading Haruki Murakami’s Sputnik Sweetheart and Kafka on the Shore a few years back. This particular Kirino novel was smack dab in the middle of the pathetic definitions and machinations of my id, ego and superego.

21:00 Finished talking to my mother about a bazillion topics. Somewhere in our conversation I managed to insert my request to borrow a few hundred dollars for my Malaysian trip this weekend to which she immediately said yes. I am so proud of myself.

22:00 Just finished painting my nails. I am now typing this entry in an offline status because my connection is effing screwed.

22:20 Waiting for my connection to be restored. Picking up where I left off in Then We Came To The End by Joshua Ferris. It’s conveniently on Simone’s left side so its real purpose is to keep me occupied while web surfing is not possible. I stopped reading it because it’s a hilariously sarcastic take on corporate office set-ups, particularly lay-offs and early retirement packages. Maybe on some levels I got weirded out by the plot. Note that they call being laid off “shitcanned” so it really was kind of disturbing for a lowly employee like me.

22:49 Oh, I finally have a connection. I can now post this.

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4 replies

  1. @ dong – thank you! i enjoyed doing it. and yeah, you’re right about ordinary moments with special people =)

  2. ^ hahaha, that was the first time i saw your face contort like that!!! pero you’re brave enough to try, hehe.

    will send you somethang sa yahoo mo. lemme know whut u think.

    p.s. – our Palin pics will be up soon =)

  3. man, that was terrible!

  4. nice post! unique in the sense that you are specific with the time.

    “Finished talking to my mother about a bazillion topics.”>>> ordinary moments with extra special people.

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