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I avoided having a flu shot because I always have an annoying fever that lasts for two days after getting one, and with my weekend to be spent outside the rathole I call home, I want to avoid it.  However, when your boss shows up and asks you go to the clinic now, like me, you will wrench yourself from your chair and go.

I am left-handed to I offered my right paddle, errrrrr, arm for injection. I forgot that I am an office typist who clicks the mouse with my right hand. So an hour after the shot, I was almost in pain.  SC’s left arm has fever (yup, just that body part), and I think my right’s starting to have it, too. It also feels heavy. Ah, the downside of boosting your immune system.


I have not packed a single underwear for tomorrow. Oddly, I was thinking more of New York next Thanksgiving (take note, not this Thanksgiving). Yummy friend kasi eh.


It’s not funny when your yearend bonus is gone just like that. Well, at least, I almost paid all my credit card bills. I just have no money left to even feel I did receive a bonus pay. Life, life. It’s fun that way. People who do not owe anyone or any financial institution are…losers. To be in debt is to live happily. Hahaha.


Close friends in one of my yahoogroups are fighting because of a simple statement/joke blown out of proportion: Sex makes one pledge allegiance to someone, either because of guilt or shame or because it was awesome; it was never about feelings or romance [it was about something like that]. Battle of opinions, yes.  i decided not to join them in the beginning.  I planned to insert something House said that goes, “There’s no unconditional love, only unconditional need.” but I never got the right cue, until I found out they’re already fighting for real this morning (did not help that they know some people since childhood, eh?). Like what LC said, it’s not like it was about religion or foreign policies.

It’s almost Christmas, you guys. Make up. I wonder now if you’ll still be in the mood to have a Christmas party given this squabble.  Remember, I need gifts, people. Hahaha!!! =)


Watch The Big Bang Theory if you have a chance. It’s hilarious.

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  1. @ dong – you’re right. i am bent on starting my genuine austerity measures next year!

    @ iryn – bills are here to stay, my dear. btw, hope you enjoyed the election pics =)

    @ penny – pennycolada!!! i’m glad the weekend did good to everyone. it’s the first thing i checked when i got back a while ago!!! buti na lang din i didn’t insert that House joke. i am never good at diffusing tension, hehe. thanks for dropping by!

    @ raft3r – love it, too. i’m willing to marry NY in a heartbeat. =) tara na!

  2. NY

    i love new york

  3. sana nijoke mo na lang si house para di na nagka-tension. gusto ko na din kumanta ng peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinner reconciled. 🙂

  4. Even if I haven’t receive my Christmas bonus, the list of bills that I have to pay was screaming right infront of my nose ammff.

    Happy Trip this weekend!

    My officemates were looking at your pics with Sarah Palin in Mall of Asia. They are a big fan though =)

  5. I just have no money left to even feel I did receive a bonus pay. Life, life. >> me too. maybe less purchase is needed next year. LOL.

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