i’m done powering through

I will edit my last post (or not), respond to comments and bring myself back to reality next week.

For now, happy weekend my babies, and just so you know, I was packing my things last night when I chanced on The One With Ross’ Tan on TV. That’s when it hit me…we could be Rachel and Joey after all. I heard the lines toward the end and I stopped what I was doing. Yeah, probably that’s how we are, though it’s practically all ME that was symbolized by the feelings of Rachel & Joey, not exactly his as well. I may not have lost him but with everything that has happened, i just want my friend back.  If there’s one friendship (aside from ours) that was a collateral damage because of this episode, i’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Seriously. I know a lot than what you know…you know =) So I know that you know. And by you, i mean everyone who drops by and sees things and stuff. Haha. To close this era, I should just politely ask, with no malice at all, for those colored Muji pens he promised to me and some YokuMoku stuff come March. i’m that easy.


So, bye for now. See you next week, ash creek!

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5 replies

  1. @ raft3r – back! wala na ko excess baggage. tinapon ko na sa south china sea. hehehe. i realized i’m too gifted to waste my time dwelling on…things. hamo na silang lahat. come on, i-treat mo ako dahil jan! =)

    and thanks for the words from janet. just so you know, i am always watering my garden. all of them. bwahahaha!!!

    namiss kita, yummy friend!

    @ dong – i super enjoyed it, dong! you know what, everytime i see you here, naiisip ko dalawa na utang kong trip updates, hahaha! have a great week!

    @ iryn – hehe thanks. i have used these lines din. tinigil ko na lang altogether. hehe.

    ne-yo is better than chris brown. yup.

  2. are you back yet?

    mantra na rin pala ang usapan

    try this:
    “you must learn to water your spiritual garden.”
    -miss jackson, if you’re nasty

  3. Say this mantra ( from Neyo’s song Go On Girl )

    I know that I can do much better
    Not a single salty tear
    Not a feeling in my chest
    Baby im feeling no stress
    Im too fly to be depressed


  4. wow! very beautiful scenic view from up there. enjoy your time away.

  5. sana lang wala kang excess baggage,
    literally and figuratively

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