and this little masochist is lifting up her dress


The title of this post is from Tori Amos’ Hey, Jupiter.

edited at 11/12 at 6:30 pm– While still waiting both for pictures and my coming-out-of-vacation mode [I kind of don’t want to, actually], let me share one of the reasons why I love Gregory House – (to the PoTW) “You want to change your life, do something. Don’t believe your own rationalizations. Don’t just lock yourself up and pretend you’re happy.” At one point I was like him who cannot walk his talk but now, it all makes sense. I hope my download finishes tonight. =)

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8 replies

  1. ^yummy friend, para kang adik ah, daming comments. =)
    hala, daya ikaw naman mawawala next week. hmmm.
    anyway, intayin mo yung iba ko pang pix, taob si marimar mo, pramis. sa dami nga, pwede na ako gumawa ng calendar ko. tama, yun na lang gift ko sa’yo sa pasko. bwahahaha!!!

    hay ang tagaytay na yan parang drawing lang. mauuna pa ako mag-camsur kesa sa pangako mong yan.

  2. putol-putol
    tagaytay na tayo!!!
    ang lamig noong weekend
    sarap uminom

  3. yes, astig si tori amos
    indie na ba sya ngayon?

  4. walastik
    di na tayo nagkita, ah
    buong linggo ka pala di pumasok
    gaganti ako
    ako naman wala next week
    salamat pala sa tsokolate
    kainin ko sa concert ni janet wannabe
    love you, yummy friend
    panalo pix mo!
    ala marimar

  5. ^ dong, lai, iryn…

    thank you!!!
    still waiting for the decent pics to help me tell the whole story. how i wish we could all go to a trip together!!!

  6. nice.. can’t wait for more pics =)

  7. oh, how cute are you!!!! u so purty!!

  8. wow! comes like a greeting card.

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