The problem with letting your free days slide is that they do slide swiftly as if it’s intentional.

Unlike my other eventful week-long leave of absence from work, the days after my KK trip were gone in an instant.

Consider this:

lazy lazy lazzzzzzz...Tuesday – woke up early, dragged by mother to Duty Free Philippines, shopped (using extorted money from mother), got afraid of the 3 o’clock dark sky followed by heavy metro downpour, cancelled an appointment slated at 6 pm, surfed till 2 am, slept.

Wednesday – woke up, showered, ate brunch, surfed the net, watched TV, slept, ate dinner, watched House’s THE ITCH episode twice, surfed some more, read a book, slept.

Thursday – woke up, ate brunch, surfed the net, watched Desperate Housewives and The Big Bang Theory, watched THE ITCH again, took a bath, watched more TV, slept, read a book, slept.

Friday – woke up, watched Desperate Housewives and The Big Bang Theory, watched favorite scenes in THE ITCH, read a book, ate brunch, slept, watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose, watched Friends season 6, slept, took a bath, got dressed for Game Night, went to Game Night, had coffee in Salcedo, chatted with friends, realized its past 1 am, decided not to go home, updated blog in a friend’s house.

Wow, what a life. I am not in the mood to rationalize my activities even if I know I could have done things differently or could have accomplished more. Sometimes, floating like I did this week is also very fun. Well, I had fun.

For now, I’d try to grab some sleep. See you in my dream, whipped cream. =)

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2 replies

  1. trying to enjoy it before going back to hell on monday, ahahaha!!!

    happy weekend, too!

  2. sarap ng buhay natin, ah
    how i envy you

    happy weekend, yummy friend!!!

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