comfortable silence

I was on a roll reading something [fine, fanfictions!] when I came across the term comfortable silence.

It’s the term I’ve long wanted to come up with to describe one of the things I look for in a relationship [romantic and non-romantic] which should be enough to say that my feelings are genuine towards the people involved.

I have only a few of those whom I feel such comfortable silence with. My immediate office staff, my high school bestfriends, my book club friends, and a few other individuals. My Mom, does she still count? Duh.

If I don’t think that silence is a conversational gap, if I don’t see the need to fill the air with words just to not make the atmosphere awkward, if I am content doing my own thing and someone feels the same while we breathe the same air, then chances are, I love whoever that person is.

I always daydream about a future boyfriend, whose image changes every so often in my head, and one of our favorite things to do, which is to read [while eating breakfast, while on the beach, at a coffeeshop, even on the bed], and right there, there would be that comfortable silence. If you can find someone who would enjoy the same, kindly give him my email address. Hahaha!

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