slow dancing in a burning room

Guess who finally decided to join a dance group for their organization-wide Christmas party?

dancing queen =)

Yup. Me!

RM cannot believe I still asked for time to think about something like this when the past year saw me singing (off-key) a whole line from a modified Twelve Days of Christmas, and two years before, I shamelessly played a wizard with many speaking parts inspired by Harry Potter.

These past roles, on top of countless instances when I raised my hand to volunteer on something and ask what’s it about only after putting my hand down. I’m a whore that way, hahaha. =)

Anyway, it’s a crazy week in the office.  Really crazy.

And damn, it’s been seventeen fucking days since. I know I am unreasonable counting the days but I just can’t help it.

Oh well, I think I’m just going to dance.

dancing queen =)dancing queen =)dancing queen =)dancing queen =)dancing queen =)

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  1. asus

    happy weekend
    ehem may bago ako
    bisita ka

    punta ka ke wata?

  2. @ ate reena – hey! how’s stuttgart? naku, ang alam ko lang na german eh van houten kaya you should teach me relevant phrases from now on, bwahahaha!!! i miss you too!

    youll probably read here how the performance goes. bibo ata ito. hehe.

    @ iryn – hehe where, doon sa dance number ko o sa icon ko? bwahaha!

    @ raft3r – wala yan si marimar, yummy friend. abangan mo. =)

  3. wow
    sana ala-Marimar yan, ha

  4. I was reminded of the movie tuloy na Shall We Dance. J-Lo and Richard Gere. =)

  5. Guten tag!!! Wie geht es dir??
    We’re ALMOST settled, thanks to the Lord.

    Show them your performance level na pang-superstar, ok! Go,go,go! by the way the icon is cute but it gets annoying!!! Pol said the same thing.
    I miss you, sis.


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