“Disengagement is neither artful nor effective.”*

Greg House is right again. Drat.

Know what, the only thing(s) keeping me from going insane is/are my gift(s) to myself that’s due to arrive before Christmas: 60 books (As in sixty. Six times ten.) of various genres. I tighten my belt in most aspects of life I normally spend money on but not with my potential companions when I grow old alone. I’m close to having a bookgasm. I’m gonna have a full-on scream of pleasure when the box arrives in my doorstep.

For now…oh shit. Screw everyone.

*From House, M.D.,Season Five, Episode 8, “Emancipation“.

Categories: Bookworm Judie, Random Judie

4 replies

  1. hahaha lai, intindihin mo na si “george” =)
    yeah, we can never really choose, just have to make peace with whoever our heart *yay* wants us to be with.
    well, malay mo naman he has his share of things that he tolerates about you, hehe.

  2. yeah, I would like someone who loves reading too, pero we can’t pick and choose kung sino bigay ni Lord sa tin di ba? Wishful thinking never hurt though… then again, it does make you mad kasi minsan, nakakainis na the one you’re with has never picked up a book since the mandatory reading in high school, and doesn’t understand how it is to want – no, NEED – peace and quiet every once in a while, with no TV or sports or whatever the hell he watches. Halata bang bitter? hehehe I do know plenty of men who read, pero unfortunately, they’re related to me hahahaha!! My cousins and I rotate books with each other. Now why can’t I find someone like that na hindi related sa kin? I guess I’ll take what I can get, kahit na sa sports lang magaling. Hmp! (Bitter talaga)

  3. aw dearie, thank you. i just hope if i’d be lucky enough to snag someone, he has to be someone who loves reading too so he will understand this obsession and my books won’t be lonely. as it is, they’re just stacked everywhere in the house. the books not the men, hehe =)

  4. Oh honey, you won’t grow old alone. I don’t know how you’ll read all those books when “Mr.-For-Now” (I don’t believe in Mr. Right, only Mr.-For-Now and Mr. Fun-For-A-While, and eventually, Mr. One-Who-Suckered-Me-Into-Marrying-Him) so yeah… your books will be lonely. Goodness knows, my books and certain DVDs/movies are sad. Sitting on the shelves, unopened and unloved.

    Nothing wrong with being a bookworm. Like Rory Gilmore. =)

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