so sick

sick-for-realI had too many interesting stuff and goings-on today that I actually listed them down to tell you guys. Sadly, I am down and soon will be out. Ifeel really sick. I need to sleep. My staff has seen me pop pills one after the other because my fever just wouldn’t go away. Worse news is I can’t afford to be away from work tomorrow because…it’s busy as hell lately.

Maybe it’s my lack of sleep (what can I do, I can’t sleep?). Or whatever. This is the weather’s fault. 

Hay, House, I need you.

I hope the new House episode tomorrow will get me through.

Thanks to live blogging in advance.

edit at 9 pmStill sick but flattered by the attention. I affect people and what’s a more awesome [awesomerrr!] dose of narcissism than that, huh. Hi again. How did you find my latest ones? Thank you. =) Hehe.

Hmm, it must be the pills talking. Never mind.

By the way I just watched Three Stories and Honeymoon, the first season finales of House. I once again heard Dr. Cameron’s, “I thought you were too screwed up to love anyone…” line. Spot on but seriously stupid and low. Was nice seeing Stacy again though. I wonder if she’ll be asked to come back again, with all these House/Cuddy stuff that’s seriously making me fucking happy  even if i know it’s not gonna go anywhere – because a happy House is a boring House.

Anyway, I feel a bit better now. Phew. Need some serious snoozin’ to be at work tomorrow because yummy friend is losing his female friends.  hahahaevilhahaha!

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6 replies

  1. hey get well soon judith!! we’ll have a booksale warehouse raid soon 😉 so you have to be healthy to dig! haha

  2. @ dong – thanks ha! im feeling so much better now. hope you are too =)

    @ raft3r – congrats. sulit naman ang binayad ng boss nyo…i thought iindianin mo talaga eh.

    wala na ko pakialam kung isa o marami ang nawalang friend mo. bwahaha! =) i love you, yummy friend. see you tumaro.

  3. singular lang po
    at hindi plural
    btw, panalo kami sa bowling

  4. i hope that you get to recover soon.

  5. ^ haha kaya nga eto at nagpapagaling para di ka mawalan ng isa pang friend.

    tho malay mo, my absence will make her go back. bwahahaha!!! doh, ano ba yun.

    thanks and yeah, dito sa bahay nagkaka-bangs ako.

  6. may bangs ka na pala
    love the photo

    pagaling ka
    kulang ka lang sa kisspirin at yakapsul

    get well soon, yummy friend
    you’re all i got now

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