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This is a House, M.D. blog post with huge spoilers for season five. As my constant reminder goes, refrain from reading if you like the show and are morally constrained to wait for the current season to air here in the Philippines. Though these bits are interesting, so hah, poor you if you’ll miss out on them, hehe. =)

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I am loving House, M.D. more and more now. Yes, I’m going to admit it’s hugely because of the development in House and Cuddy’s relationship.  I watched season one episodes last night and frankly, I miss more clinic patients…since last season, they barely had any. But I still love the fillers for these bit players [new fellows, hello]. Hell, I even like Thirteen now even if her “I have Huntington’s, I’m dying” storyline’s getting a bit tiring recently.  Well, I only felt I like her since there was a Thirteen-centric episode where she got in on with another woman. She’s so hot kaya!!! I’m totally bi now because of her (and Ivanka Trump, but more on that soon. Don’t judge, hehe).

Anyway, if you think that middle-age doctors with unresolved sexual tension are snooze news, I believe House and Cuddy are different.  One of the creators of House said that they are not going to make House, the rude, misanthropic, son of a bitch, a mushy person by having him fall for someone.  I totally agree. A serious, in-love House is a boring House.  Same with Cuddy, too: I’ve always admired women achievers. Granting she’s not happily fulfilled as a wife and a mother, and she has not had a stable relationship at 40 (uhm, only because last year House hinted she’s 39), think about it, she’s been running a big hospital for almost a decade (plus she obtained her medical degree at 25 [and pissed that she’s only second in her class], became the second youngest Chief of Medicine at 32, and the first woman to be one — haha, obvious bang fan ako ni Cuddy?). It’s quite odd for her to be unguarded with her personal life.  Her recent experience with an adoption gone wrong is not on the same level. See, she advanced into wanting to have a kid without a man’s help. That’s something.

I just cannot help but post caps of the kiss. Four years of build up, whew. It was good. Short but good.

Anyway, going back, the last episode of House which aired 12 hours ago had me wanting to come home and download it immediately. I was told there were lots of unspoken conversations between House and Cuddy which is commonly known in fandoms as “eyesex”. This episode was also different in that this was the first time that their hospital had a hostage taker in the midst [no idea about other shows though, care to share?]. Anyway, since the beginning of the show four years ago, you can mirror a sense of flirtation between House and Cuddy which the writers kept afloat successfully. Hugh Laurie himself even said that with that amount of rudeness and cattiness between them, there’s got to be something more than just an employer-employee relationship.  Well, they’re “friends” too. They trust each other with secrets, they save each other, they actually care about each other. The little softening, small letting-their-guard down moments, were just right, I think. Viewers could not always be left anticipating. I believe it was wise to give fans a dose of intimacy or whatever it is related to it then hell, they can always pull it out again, retract, and begin another round of sexual tension filling the hospital corridors. Just so the storyline would not get old, you know.

house-cuddy-ep-10It has been repeated over and over by the stars of the show that the writers of House never write in a straight line.  And nothing in House’s actions is conventional. That’s where he, and the show as a whole, become consistently interesting. This is why despite numerous speculations and spoilers — all of which I totally swallow, hook, line and sinker — I believe this season will still have a satisfying ending, especially the relationship angle of House and Cuddy [which Katie Jacobs said is “unorthodox but incredibly real“]. See, fortysomethings flirting with each other are a delight (not ALL, maybe interesting people like these FICTIONAL characters, anyway…), theirs is a warm, funny interaction to watch.  It is when screwing with each other is fun, when rigging someone’s desk is a sign of wanting that person’s attention, constant nagging is an expression of affection…and I can go on and on.  It’s more fun than those mushy dramas on TV. I’d still watch and be awed by them TV dramas but they won’t give me much entertainment, so much so that I’d like to pattern my life from it, than a show like House. 

There are people who push them to go for it, like House’s bestfriend, Wilson.  In the episode after they kissed [because the adoption fell through, Cuddy was vulnerable and House let his human side show for a moment — those were Cuddy’s words!], Wilson talked to the two of them, playing cupid, but somehow failed. But judging from their responses, these two are just denying something as huge as the ozone layer’s hole:

[Cuddy is sitting by herself at a table in the cafeteria drinking tea. Wilson, coffee mug in hand, joins her at the table and sits down.]
Wilson: How you doing?
Cuddy: Better.
Wilson: Great. Everything else good?
Cuddy: (sarcastically) Uh, everything involving me kissing House is good. Oh God, you dragged it out of me, you’re a genius. [Wilson looks around] It’s no big deal. I was feeling vulnerable. He’s a friend. And I leaned on him.
Wilson: It’s funny. I’ve leaned on friends in the past. Never leaned so far my tongue fell into their mouths.
Cuddy: I don’t think of House that way. I never have.
Wilson: Why not?
Cuddy: Well, you know exactly how it would go. It would start off exciting and we’d get caught up in the novelty and the hostility and the forbiddenness and then we’d realize that the flirty hostility is just hostility and his inability to open up is no longer exciting, it’s just frustrating and then it’s the inevitable blow up and the recriminations and we don’t talk for two months.
Wilson: (unconvinced) Yeah. Well, it certainly proves that you’ve never thought about House that way.
Cuddy: (pauses) I get your point. I will be more careful with my tongue in the future.
Wilson: That’s not my point. Maybe novelty and hostility and forbiddenness doesn’t have to end bad?
[Cuddy’s pager goes off]
Cuddy: Gotta go.


House: Emotionally mature people who work together should not date. Guaranteed breakup, guaranteed ugliness.
Wilson: Any relationship that doesn’t end in a breakup ends in death. Everything falls apart in the end. That’s your worldview. The corollary, which you keep forgetting, is that you have to grab any chance for happiness.


Wilson: You got bitten the night you kissed her. You’re itching always gets worse when you think about her. You need to address this.
House: She’s my boss.
Wilson: No, you’re not afraid of authority. You’re afraid she actually is right for you. You’re afraid to take a chance because it’s too big a chance. If it doesn’t work with her, then maybe there’s no one out there.
House: I am not rationalizing. I’m better off alone. Also, have you seen her ass recently?

house-wilsonAnyway, the picture on the right was from the last scene in Emancipation. House & Cuddy did not have any scene at all in this episode. House was baffled and annoyed with Wilson who was a total opposite of playing cupid a day ago with the lines above.  In this scene, House was logging out (I suppose) when they saw Cuddy outside her office attending to some papers. House looked with interest and Wilson asked him, “Do you want to talk about her?“, to which an ever-evasive House answered, “Nope.” This scene was adorable. You could tell House right at that moment felt something but was too proud to admit it. Wilson then just told him, “You’ll be fine, House.” See, it’s like two highschool best buds comforting each other. Cute.

I love it. I love House, Wilson and Cuddy. Maybe at the end of it all, I would like to ‘ship’ the friendship of these three, not really a romantic affair between House and Cuddy.  I like friendships more actually; learned to love it in Friends and Danny and Matt in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

house-cuddy-ep-11Anyway, as of this moment, what overwhelms me are the House/Cuddy moments. I hope they have sex one time just to let it all out then go back to what once was. It’s more fun that way. For me, at least, I don’t know with you! Also, there are confusing news about the 11th episode titled Joy To The World, which is their Christmas episode.  Their titles are always double-edged, and executive producer Katie Jacobs said it’s also where something special will happen between House and Cuddy but it’s not as if they’re going to hug or anything [she said it’s House-ian; it’s left of center. Nice!]. More importantly, rumors abound that since the 6th episode was titled Joy, with Cuddy’s adoption gone wrong plot, with this one, the surprise for Cuddy would be Baby Joy coming back.  Now, I know babies are nice but I hope the writers do it well IF it is true…with the level of “development” in House and Cuddy’s relationship, a baby who’s from a stranger would potentially shake this exciting sphere.  On the other hand, if it’s not Baby Joy coming back…and since ‘baby’ buzz does not leave the air…some thought that maybe House would get Cuddy preggers. Uh…while it’s exciting in the future [perhaps around season 10?], it’s not at all developmentally realistic.  Is House that great, that amazing, to have some supersperm that would impregnate Cuddy who has had three failed IVFs? Hmm. Think about it. Some ‘silent’ fans suggest it could be Cameron who would get pregnant, although the “miracle” as said in the synopsis was also described as “show-altering”. Hmm, I’m confused already.

Oh well, as most fans said, we should refrain from second guessing and let the writers do their job.  I read one comment that says in the last season, a bus crash resulting in amnesia is too rubbish for a plot, but the episodes turned out very well [see House’s Head and Wilson’s Heart]. So I’ll just trust the writers on this one.  I will stop speculating and overanalyzing stuff (I seem to be doing it lately, hehe); I’ll just wait when it unfolds, in due time.

For now, I’m going to patiently wait for my episode 9 download to finish so I can silently shriek some more.  I am not coherent at all with this post, am I? Well, you got a show lover with an idiotic smile plastered on her chubby face typing here. I’ll end this with the official plug of next week’s episode. Heeeheeee.

=All photos are courtesy of Fox Media and House MD Caps community.=

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  1. ^ hahaha lai, na-carried away ako. just published a new one actually. this is the greatest diversion i had in months. kinikilig nga ako eh hehe.

    yay happy to know mimi’s reading me too =) peborit talaga. hayyy.

  2. wow… ang haba! puro House lang hehehe… I asked Almira if she watches or ever seen House, she said, “No.. pero mukhang peborit talaga ni Judith ah!” hehehe… guess she follows your blog too.

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