“This is why you and I can’t be…a thing.”

Episode 9 of House was fucking amazing.  Don’t expect a great hostage crisis drama; hello, it’s not 24. I totally got what others meant by eyesex though, hahaha!!! First, I give props to Olivia Wilde (Thirteen) and Zeljko ivanek (the hostage-taker/patient of the week – by the way, check Ivanek’s imdb filmography and man, he’s guested in most of the great shows of this decade, good thing he dropped by House, too!). They delivered very good performances. Love ’em.

So, House & Cuddy in the episode.  I like it when guest stars hit the nail on the head in looking at their relationship.  If Cuddy’s former date said something both of them were probably not aware of (while we, we so are, just waiting for a character to say it out loud), in the last episode, the lead SWAT guy deserved a hug from me for telling Cuddy that her affection for House’s so obvious.  He saw that Cuddy was acting irrationally, showing that she did in fact has personal interest in whoever’s inside. Heehee. When House did something twisted that did not help the rescue operation/intervention at all, the SWAT guy told Cuddy, “I hope your boyfriend knows what he’s doing.” Tapos Cuddy didn’t correct him. Heehee times two!!!

The last three minutes of the episode made me smile the whole day. My mother thought nagde-daydreaming na naman ako ng kung sino. Hah. Oh well…here o:

(while inside Cuddy’s semi-destroyed office, House was explaining how they arrived at the final diagnosis)

Cuddy: Is that all you care about? A moron storms the clinic, bullies his way into life without parole, you enabling him every step…
House: If he hadn’t done what he did, he’d be dead… (steps closer to Cuddy) good thing you enabled my every medical move (smugly said!).
Cuddy: (exasperated) You think I handled this differently because you were in here?
House: I don’t know, let’s try it again without me.
Cuddy: (frustrated) This is why you and I can’t be…a thing. (Yay.)
House: If you’re suggesting that you screwed up because of a non-relationship with me, I don’t know how I can help you. Because the only change you can make from a non-relationship is…(gestures with hand then inhales)
Cuddy: (confused) You want a relationship…? (Dapat pala ginaya ko ito noon eh. Regardless of the response. Hahaha.)
House: (pauses) God, no! Just trying to follow your logic.

Then House walks away. Cuddy settled on her desk, opened her drawer and eveything fell down. That’s what House was doing that morning, before the hostage took place. Broke her desk. It’s so House…that’s his way of getting her attention. Why the effort to mess with a desk drawer? Just like what Wilson said in season 4 (when he challenged his applicants for fellowships to get Cuddy’s thong – yup, the one she’s wearing that day!), “You know, in some cultures, hiring people to steal someone’s underpants is considered wooing.” Hahaha.

Pardon my French…fils de pute!!!Hahaha!!! To hell with trying to explain my admiration for House the show as a whole.  Next week’s episode is going to be fantastic in all 97 episodes with House and Cuddy.

Hay naku I wish they would have one steamy sex to get it over with, and they can go back to diagnosing and random everyday hospital stuff!!! Even I feel so worked up already. Haiii.

Sneak peeks below. Come on, try to watch. The second one’s just…ah. i wonder if this is where House grabs Cuddy’s left boob. Hehehe.

Punyeta this is too much. So much for Thanksgiving presents coming my way ah. =) Speaking of things to be thankful for, I successfully got the following today:

-> grand 168 Mall adventure which slashed my Christmas list into half [dont worry, I stayed away from knock offs]
-> The Tudors and Blackadder DVDs – same setting, totally different genre. Hugh Laurie’s in the latter, too. Papanoorin ko ito in succession, hehe.
-> How To Lose Friends and Alienate People DVD. I have the book so I will finish it first before watching. Ganun ako eh =)
-> A surprise note from someone in my past. Let’s say junior year high past. Hmm. Kaaliw lang.
-> HouseCuddyEyesexFlirtationGaloreLoveItSoFar.

Okay, I’ll stop.  Have to work tomorrow pa. Then the Philippine production of Hairspray at night! Catching up dinner at Nicotina! 1/3 of Christmas presents to be picked up!

Life is very good to me. Doesn’t hurt that much anymore. Naks, what’s that fuckery about and where did it come from huh?  Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating it. Thanks for giving me one day off that enabled me to shriek and giggle and clap like a 26-year old moron. =) 

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