weekend delights

Hairspray was awesome! So proud of Pinoy talents (almost everyone’s great but my favorite was Penny)! Still itching to dance to You Can’t Stop The Beat! =)

I went back to watching Greek and would do so until Wednesday’s fresh House episode. I am also going to watch Ironman tomorrow. Yup, I will only watch it tomorrow. I badly need visual delights. I might catch Burn After Reading, too. I had many reservations but Rachel said it’s good; Brad Pitt and the Coen brothers were forgivable in this one.

Oh, what about Twilight…specifically to see how Ed Cullen sparkles? Yummy friend, when? Should it be after Becky’s and Amici or another day? Decisions, decisions.

I am not drunk but I think I am loving this randomness now. After a cringe-worthy post before I took off from work, what else could be bad, di ba? Hahaha. Guess I need to watch Last Resort for the fifth time just to help me recover.

Or maybe I just need to sleep decently. Again, happy weekend, lovely people.

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5 replies

  1. @ lai – goodluck! doesn’t hurt to return to being a 15-yr old. i do it a lot, too =)

    @ raft3r – xmas party, yummy friend! sorry 😦

  2. friday?
    hope i won’t regret this

  3. that’s what i heard too! I’ll get the rest of the books after finishing Twilight… I might like it more than most people/adults because I am once again a 15 year old girl…

  4. ^ lai, i hope we can watch it next week. crazed pinoy fans are…crazy, hahaha!!! i hope you enjoyed Twilight. honestly it’s the only one in the series that i liked =)

  5. I want to see Twilight!! I’m beginning to be a part of this craze, this phenomenon, this addiction, this… this… *must consult thesaurus for more words*

    I love Edward Cullen. I want to marry him.

    I’m almost done with the book. I’ll finish it first THEN watch the movie. Hey, I’m like that too. 😉

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