Vanity Fair is not fair

If not for a visit to the Huffington Post, I wouldn’t see that Tina Fey would grace the cover of Vanity Fair in January. It reminded me that Vanity Fair ignored me again by not sending my November and December issues as promised.  They were remiss in sending since August. I brought it to their attention when it missed the second time (September), and I was told that I won’t be getting those issues; instead, they just adjusted my subscription expiry date to February 2009, originally from December 2008. It simply told me they did not mail me copies after all. When I missed the August issue, with all those popular teenyboppers on the cover, I shrugged and thought some loser thief in the post office just decided to keep it (yeah, I’m bad but it does happen).

When October came and still nothing arrived, I sent another e-mail after which I was told to send a mailing address in a new format because what they have on file seemed incorrect.  Incorrect mailing address format, my virgin ass. Since that Young Hollywood issue in August, they were using the same mailing address for the last 31 months! *growls* Anyway, I still did send it, they acknowledged, and informed me that it will reflect on the November issue.

Did anything arrive? Nooooo! And it’s December now. In total, I missed the following already:


I am about 70% decided that I am not going to renew my subscription because of this experience.  I’m just asking for these issues now because I paid for 12 of them, not 7! This is so unfair, so not cool.

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  1. hm, sounds like a great idea. i really should. see, it’s almost mid-december and my last issue for 2009 is still nowhere in sight. it’s really terrible!

  2. hey that’s so unfair 😦 you should send them a letter of complaint apart from those you’ve sent already. i know how it feels to not get what you paid for. blood boiling. 😦

  3. ate sienna – hahaha, overload ba? minsan nga sa bilis ng panahon, di mo pa nabubuklat yung bagong issue, anjan na yung kasunod, hahaha!!!

    lai – yey, thanks, mypretty =) i still hate VF though. siguro nagtitipid kaya yung subscriber na pagkalayo-layo eh hindi na pinadalhan. haha.

    raft3r – nung di pa sila delinquent sa pag-send (ang aga nga lagi ng dating before eh), di tlaga ako nasasayangan. ngayon lang. i’m attracted to the magazine’s contents tlaga. as in every issue.

  4. true
    sayang pera mo dyan, ah

    btw, comment ka sakin
    para amgpalit na ako ng post

  5. aaww that sucks dude! i’ll send you the november issue if it’s still out. baka december na ang mga nasa stores eh. basta, i’ll send you either one…

  6. Time at Good Housekeeping gusto mo? lintek na yan, di ko alam kung paano ko tatanggalin ang subscription namin para dun. hindi ko naman sya nababasa…


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