“I’m an idiot for being surprised.”

This is just for the sake of letting some of it out.

House’s tenth episode, Let Them Eat Cake, is notches higher and better than Joy, where House and Cuddy kissed.

I’m still in the process of downloading it (legally, this time, for a little fee) but I spoiled myself with practically a blow-by-blow account as it was airing. I love my livejournal community! =)

Many were disappointed with House at the end but based on what I read, it’s simply House being House. He’s a jerk, yes. It won’t take you a whole episode to realize he is, was and always will be.  He’s also not capable of opening up, of exposing himself too much, not because he’s smug and arrogant about it but because he simply cannot take that risk. Indeed, what happened in the episode was one step forward, two steps backwards for him. At least in terms of dealing with his romantic feelings; of course I still love his diagnostic skills. I was told Foreman and Thirteen got an interesting storyline as well, and Kutner and Taub provided more hilarity in the episode.

Anyway, I’m not denying that most of my interest in the episode is connected to the House/Cuddy stuff. More eyesex, a boob grab, badass pranks, a VERY sweet gesture on House’s part involving Cuddy’s new (old) desk, and much much more.

I am loving the layers of their relationship.

Definitely more on this after I watched the whole episode.

I want to be Dr. Cuddy when I grow up. Yay.

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