different herd, same side of the fence

i feel so random and uneasy now.  well, today’s crazy. i worked alone in the office for almost 7 hours while my ladies hosted a conference. i responded to probably a trillion e-mails, took calls and tried hard to distract myself so as not to run away outside because of thoughts of a little girl’s ghost appearing beside me anytime. did not help that typing and breathing, even the pulsating music from sophie, did not measure up in the “movement” classification so all lights kept on turning off every 12 minutes. i had to walk by a sensor that’s placed five steps aways from me. five steps, yeah, but see, lights would turn off just when i’m in the middle of a phone call and baby, phone cords can only stretch so much. so it wasn’t an exaggeration that i was trying to walk someone through our service process while i was flinging my arm like a fool just so i’d “reach” the darn sensor. ah, the perks of working in my office. i had another distraction in the form of email exchanges but it didn’t last and midway through it i thought if winter could actually dry up your sense of humor a little bit. it was still a little fun though.

today went by swiftly. the conference was a success, our skit practice was also a success. i left right on time, visited model units of this building very near my office (i almost fell in love with a one bedroom unit and the simplicity of its layout but i took the happy thought back because getting the unit would mean i won’t be eating a morsel of food in the next five years), also paid something that’s due, and while eating a “two for the price of one” pizza, i thought of going to starbucks to read and get another holiday sticker. see, when i am occupied with something, i normally don’t recognize people even if my eyes passed them already. so it took me a while to realize that rach, manel and gracie were waving at me while having coffee right beside the starbucks door until they were practically in my face. i decided to join them.

being with them is what i meant by being with a different herd from the same side of the fence. our units most often interconnect, sometimes overlap, but more than that, we managed to be good friends through the years. well, rachel does belong to the latest triumvirate of spinsters, inc. (lalaine and i being the other two, haven’t you heard?) so i actually am closer to her but i very much appreciate everything about gracie and manel.

i love being with them because i can be more relaxed with tons of fangirling and schoolgirl harping, if there’s such a term. we do what we always found annoying: speak like spoiled rich college girls while talking about anything; in this get-together, examples are random & mundane shittiness of life, piolo pascual’s abs and overall “i still wanna do you so bad even you have a kid and is rumored to be so gay” quality, real estate investments, insurance premiums, pay scale discrepancies, shining through with michael douglas and meg ryan* (and how i could not relate because i’m “only” 26 and they sorta hated me for it, haha), annette bening and the plot of the women, bad girl journals and esoteric stuff about van gogh, griffin & sabine and other subjects of the 2009 taschen planner line**.

i went home late but happy, except for a crazy tummy ache that has bugged me since i woke up. it’s not something i cannot figure out. i know what’s it about and without grossing you all out, let’s just say i hope i won’t reach the stage of me having to be injected with iv fluids because of dehydration. my monster intestines are not so monstrous anymore.

i am typing this in hopes of getting sleepy because tomorrow will be a long day, in the afternoon we will have our party, and i am meeting CM, ZP and RS after a while (we last hooked up when olga’s still here and she’s all settled in paraguay now!!!)…ultimately i just wish for this tummy ache to go away so i can grab a nap.

it’s only four hours to go till my usual wakey wakey time. need to shape up.

or go the restroom again. blargh.

need house and his huge, throbbing di…agnostic skills (it was from one of his lines, fyi hahaha).

*the moment i heard the title and the plot, it sounded familiar. true enough, before i typed this entry, i looked up to see the stack of books above me and there it was, an old, tattered-by-time paperback copy of susan isaac’s shining through. i did not finish reading it because i vividly remember now i tried doing it while i was in sixth grade and i wasn’t as receptive to novels like it then, although i was already starting with sidney sheldon and stephen king, my childhood lit icons (“,). anyway, i’m grabbing the dirty copy of shining through this weekend to browse it anew and hopefully read it in full this time.

**they’re in the same league as teNeues calendars and planners which are also made of flowing awesomeness.  think about it, they’re more aesthetically pleasing than starbucks planners, the paper is also better, and it will only cost you $16 more or less to get one. whereas with starbucks, you have to spend an average of $48 for 16 stickers to get a planner. hmmm. i’m already thinking about it. i missed my chance to grab any of those planners even when i was into assorted paper products of the chic and creative jordi labanda a few years back. oh which reminds me, i also reserved one belle de jour power planner! hah, planner whore. i dont think i even utilized by 2008 belle de jour. i just “donated” the complimentary coupons to our monthly office awardees. well, i never make coherent plans anyway! whatever.

almost 2 am. still not sleepy.

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5 replies

  1. i see dead people
    kahit sa majuro

  2. nyaaaaah!!!
    you mean, magkaiba pa kayo ng nakikita dati ni eise at yung mga naririnig namin na sumisigaw at tumatawa?
    eh bka naman dalawa sila.
    can’t wait to tell shei about it. tignan mo, hindi na yun papasok ng maaga. hahaha =)

  3. mali ka naman, eh
    it’s not a ghost of a lil girl ang tumatambay sa office nyo
    it’s the ghost of a five year old boy
    i see him every time
    nadalas syang nakatayo sa likod ni sheils


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