Marciano’s once more

Marciano'sMy mom, grandma and I had our late Sunday lunch in Marciano’s, an Italian-American restaurant on the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 3. We were actually going to (our favorite) Capricciosa when we passed by the place and my mother goose decided to give it a try.

I did not bring my camera so I have no pictures of my own to accompany this post with. See, I don’t feel as bare as before without Sandrine (my digicam in case you didn’t know it yet, hehe). Changing much? Hm.

Anyway, they were impressed by the restaurant’s somewhat dark interior because it’s very private even if it’s along the busy Greenbelt 3 strip.  We asked to be seated in one of those tables with a chandelier hanging above it.  I usually avoid said tables on purpose because I always have this nagging fear that whenever I sit under a chandelier it will fall on my head and my skull will be smashed. Morbid, I know.  But I was with family so I let it slide this time. =)

I first tried Marciano’s for dinner a little over two months ago.  I was satisfied overall but was not that happy with my order (Peter Petrelli’s Grilled Chicken). By the way, most dish names are accompanied by names of characters in shows and movies set in New York.  The restaurant itself was named after Rocky Marciano (but wasn’t he born in Massachusetts?). Sadly, of the six bidas in Friends, they do not have a dish named after Rachel Green!

Anyway,  for today, we had Donnie Brasco Calamari (P288) for starters. It was yummy and the special blue cheese dressing was just right.  Next, we had Chelsea Pepperoni Pizza (P208), which was satisfactory. All of their pizzas have thin crusts. We also tried Serendipity Spaghetti with Pan Seared Tuna (P208) and Joey Tribbiani’s Mac and Cheese (P278).  The tuna was fresh and tasty while the spaghetti was also perfect for my taste.  The mac and cheese was sooo yummy though, it’s borderline wrong, hahaha! It was so creamy but without the nauseating feeling after eating too much of it. Just the way our beloved Joey likes it, I guess? =) For drinks, we had their house blend iced tea (P98). It’s a balanced fusion of peach, lemon and tea. It comes in a tall glass, too, so unlike other pricey so-so iced teas, you’d actually feel good with it.

It isn’t so pricey as other restaurants along that strip, right?  On top of the total price, they charge an 8% service fee plus the mismanaged 12% VAT.  They come in hefty servings, too. There are still a lot of promising stuff in the menu, if you want to give it a shot. It’s a great place to bring a date, actually. =) Or okay, fine, also for friendly group dates and family lunches or dinners! =)

~Thanks to Blogalag for the picture.~

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3 replies

  1. dong – eating is one of the happiest activities in this crazy life we have. enjoy it always!

    lea – i’m glad you love it as well. thanks for dropping by my blog =)

  2. I love Marciano’s! It’s my new favorite!

  3. i need to try this. just in time as christmas in our case means eating a lot. hehehe… just kidding but we usually spend a lot of time eating out.

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