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I discovered Modofly Moleskine notebooks today, linked to a blog friend’s site.  If you know me well enough, aside from books and pens (which include highlighters), journals make me deliriously happy. I instantly liked Modofly and I’m now looking for their local distributor! I want, I want, I want! =)

Modofly journals and sketchbooks are products of a wonderful collaboration of artists from different parts the world.  Browsing their collection, one journal design caught my attention and I was thrilled to discover it was actually made by a Filipina, Ochie Caraan!

Their paper products come in large (5.25″ x 8.25″) and small (3.5″ x 5.5″) sizes. You can also choose if you want them ruled, sketch, squared, reporter type or with watercolor paper. They are more expensive than your regular Moleskine notebooks as they cost $36 (large) or $22 (small) a pop. I think it is worth it though. After all, all designs are laser-etched to (almost) perfection [only because I think nothing is perfect, hahaha].

Check out their gallery for lots of designs.  Here are my favorites so far:


(L-R) Steampunk Spy by Ochie Caraan – I love all the details in the cover; Wallpaper by Michelle Brusegaard – I’ve always been attracted to this kind of detail, after all, my beloved Charlotte is almost the same, only it (she) has prominent gold-embossed design; Flying Pigs by Steve Light – pigs and paper? I could never love it more =).


(L-R) Cuckoo Clock by Tilly Bloom; Shoes by Andrea Joseph; Wood Whistle by Karen Preston

It is impossible to squeeze it in my Christmas wish list but hey, it’s going to be my birthday next month! Or I can receive it anytime of the year, if you want to just give it to me.

Uh, I’m talking to myself, okay? But if you want to step up and give me a notebook or two –remember, any size would do but only ruled and reporter notebooks bring me joy– I would name my first born after you. =)

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6 replies

  1. Hi! just came across your blog today while surfing and saw that you mentioned me and one of artworks. Thanks a lot and I’m very glad you like my work.

    Have a good one sis.

  2. van – hello!!! haha oo nga ano? so tinitigan ko tlaga yung design!

    iryn – great to know you’re back! cute designs ‘no? sabi ko na we’ll both love ’em. let’s see each other next week?

    nicole – yup yup yup! i wonder if our warehouse raid can yield these designs too…we found moleskines there, too, right? =)

    raft3r – honga eh kaso ala naman b&n ditechi. sa fully booked at bibliarch lang ako spoiled sa mga ganyan dito =)

  3. di naman surprising na mahilig ka sa journals, eh

    sa barnes and noble, nakalat yan
    naku magugustuhan mo don talaga

  4. oh gosh those are awesome nice!

  5. Hi Judie!

    Its been a while. Im back from hibernating. Nako cute nga ng mga designs ng Modofly notebook =)

  6. cool designs. ate is it juz me or the girl in the first notebook looks like dr. thirteen???

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