Team Cuddy, FTW!

I still want to be like Dr. Lisa Cuddy when I grow…up…grow old. Whichever comes first! =)

I will not have time to watch the awesomeness that is the 11th episode of House titled Joy To The World. Not tonight, not tomorrow, not until Sunday. I might try but I am not promising myself. I am equipped with sufficient information, enough to not feel so lost about the last episode of the year.

I am not going to comment/jump/flail in reaction to the progression (or the reverse of it) of House and Cuddy’s relationship because I have not watched the episode.  I am a Huddy fan like many people are but I usually have unpopular takes on things happening to them. Anyway, it will be good to say that for me, playing it out in a very dragging way might actually work for the best. It ensures that their storyline would not saturate easily. Remember, they all have signed on until season 8, we are only in season 5!

So, Lisa Cuddy. I officially love her. =) All because I see (a bit of ) myself in her, and I hope it will not be too self-serving to think of it in terms of her strong personality and successful career.

She finally gets a baby, first in form of foster parenting, and eventually through adoption.  In a true TV show fashion, the baby girl was given to her, as if it’s a real Christmas miracle. Cuddy, unmarried at 40, Dean and Administrator of a large hospital, now a mother.  It’s just a nice, fluffy feeling. I’m sappy that way, okay. I like it a lot. =) She also got to be a doctor in the episode, not just an administator, and my sources said she was even the one who had the “aha!” moment (which means she figured out the correct diagnosis about the patient of the week [POTW]), something that has always been mostly reserved for House.

I watched a snippet where Cuddy was talking to the POTW. It was a sneak peek released by Fox a day before the episode aired.  The moment I heard it, I felt as though she was talking to me. Crazy, I know, but it struck me.

Remember when you asked me if I have any kids? I don’t. I don’t know, maybe it has nothing to do with it but I was good in school, good at work, lousy at life.  I screwed up every relationship I ever had, and I thought, why would I want to bring a child into this? But then I got older…(sighs) what you’re feeling right now…it will pass. Don’t let it screw up your whole life.

When I’m 40, I still want to be a non-doctor Cuddy. =) My life’s probably heading that direction anyway. I am not one to lose all hope but I’m pretty much realistic, you know. I may not control my motives and attitude but I can always identify them. Now, the presence of someone like House in my Cuddy-fied life may just be a bonus.  Maybe just for kicks. When I saw another snippet where Cuddy tells House about the baby, their unresolved sexual tension lost a lot of its effect on me. Cuddy with her baby was very poignant. If it happens to me after a decade and a half, I’d still be okay with it. Here’s the scene, by the way:

Now, I’m not listening to A Fine Frenzy’s Whisper the same way again. =)

The next episode of House will air on January 19, 2009. That’s forty days to go!

I wonder what happens to her and House after this – although one interesting fan insight suggests this direction has been hinted at as early as when House lost his father; I’ll expound on it after I’m done watching the entire episode. I wonder how Cuddy will delegate some of her administrator functions, particularly to Dr. Cameron, who would not last, according to a reliable spoiler.  I wonder if she’s getting a new hairstyle because the bangs just looked odd though some said it grows on you. I wonder what she’s going to name her baby.  I wonder, I wonder. =)

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  1. ^ hehe, yup, yummy friend. but when you see other house fans, walang wala ang blog entries ko na ganito. very subtle pa ito!

    i encourage you to watch kahit isa. you will love dr. house! =) sigenasigenasigenasigena!

  2. wow
    todo plug na yan sa house, ha
    panigurado matutuwa mga producers nila sayo

    i still have to watch a single episode of house
    ako na lang yata sa buong mundo ang hindi nanonood, eh


  1. swamped (but super) saturday « ♣ judiefication ♣

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