major Russia oversight

the-watch-seriesWhen I signed up for the 2009 Themed Reading Challengebooks set in Russia was the theme on top of my mind actually. I listed down nine books I remember having in my pile. This morning, I noticed, to my combined shame and amusement, my first three books in Sergei Lukyanenko’s Watch series (Nightwatch, Daywatch, Twilight Watch)! I totally forgot I have them! They were just right there, beside my color printer, and directly beside the box where I put my bag and other trinkets every morning.  I did not bring them home after Erwin returned them last August.

I felt a little silly not remembering these three.  Anyway, they now increased my challenge pile from nine to twelve.  I think I would not be cheating because I only got to page 20 of the first installment, Nightwatch. I could start over when I pick it up next year.

I hope to get hold of The Last Watch, its fourth and last installment, next year.  It was released last month but copies were recalled because news had it that the volumes all lacked one relevant chapter.  I have seen a few reviews from the UK though. I did not bother reading through and through because I would not understand it anyway (not because I don’t want to be spoiled…you know I love spoilers).

Aside from this, I also included Tatyana Tolstaya’s The Slynx in my to-buy list. I enjoyed browsing it last Sunday in Powerbooks Live! I also enjoyed reading a few Russian  folk tales from The Snow Maiden and Other Russian Tales. It’s textbook-y though so my pocket does not dig it that much. Oh, let’s not forget Tom Rob Smith’s Child 44! I finished two chapters of it but I have not gotten around to actually buying it because it’s still in large trade copies. Lastly, an absolute priority, when asked about my Russia-related book wishlist, is Literary Russia: A Guide.  The book was simply described as “an enthralling guide to Russia’s literary landscape”. I scanned a few pages of it and I have to say, it’s a great companion to have especially when you’re a neophyte Russian lit lover. =)

Wow, so much for my interest in Russia. To think this only started when I got fascinated with Vladimir Putin (yes, yes) five years ago.

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2 replies

  1. it is, dong. you will find time soon. it seems you still enjoy traveling now so you can focus on that first.

  2. it sounds addicting. i too at times become addicted to reading leadership books but not this time as i really have no enough time reading.

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