free flowing friday

Hodge podge time, baby. All because it’s Friday, it’s cold outside and I’m inexplicably happy.

girl with umbrella by shirley v. beckesI woke up to a rainy Friday morning. I thought of calling in sick but maturity prevailed so I headed to the office in my favorite shirt under my favorite sweater, an old black pants and my running shoes. I completed my gear with my giant yellow M&M umbrella from the duty free shop. Casual day, indeed.

I was stuck in traffic for twenty minutes. I loved it. A rainy morning along Osmeña Highway suddenly felt so great. I’m a bit dramatic but definitely not kidding. It’s very rare to have a taxi driver who sings pretty well, too. He’s tuned in to the emo-est station I’ve known since childhood – 96.3 wRock. =) For some reason, he sang the Colin Blunstone classic Miles Away quite beautifully. He must thought I didn’t appreciate it though beause he caught me chuckling from the rearview mirror. I was, but not because of him. I just thought of an old joke about the song. It was said that it really happened to Alma Moreno but given the numerous jokes and anecdotes of her boo-boos, I’m not sure if it’s true anymore.  Anyway, kaninoman ito, I’m sure you can recall this, too:

Singer (singing – duh): Mile away…
Manager: Ah, kulang ka ng ‘S’.
Singer: Ah talaga? Sige, (sings again) Smile away…
Manager: Mali pa rin. Nasa dulo yung ‘S’!
Singer: Ah ganun ba? (sings again) Mile aways…

Don’t tell me you didn’t find that funny. Sa sobrang corny, natawa ka na rin. Right?

Anyway, I got to the office and worked as usual.  Time passed so quickly because I have just wiped out my incoming e-mail cases when I noticed it’s five past 12 already. I then headed to our dance practice. It’s for our organization-wide holiday party next week. Do you still remember when I first told you about it, complete with one of my favorite .gif images of all time?

After our quick rehearsal, I found my Operations Director in my office explaining the possibility of an early release from work (aka liberal leave) because of the inter-faith rally in the business district. We’re all happy about it except for Raft3r who will have his hosting gig via their unit holiday party at 4 pm. Hm, I wonder how it went, particularly how he worked with the committee on games throughout the program, bwahahaha [peace, yummy friend].

I had my ladies help the other team to finish line processing so we can all go home early. By 2:40 pm, all fantastic four of us were walking out of the office compound to go to our respective early dismissal errands.

I walked with Shei to Rob but we separated early, too. I bought a few little gifts for friends and headed to Paco to claim other gifts I had printed for my special friends. It’s been a long time since I rode a Sta. Ana Tulay-bound jeep. I didn’t even know exactly how to go to my destination since I’ve forgotten which streets were one-way and which ones were not; the pickup place was also on the other side of Paco which was not a jeepney route. Anyway, I was lucky when the jeepney driver grew impatient of the Paco Market traffic that he turned left and re-routed to the same exact street I was just thinking of how to go to five seconds earlier. My holiday banshee really loves me!

I was dropped off right in front of the building I need to go to. I claimed my purchases within ten minutes and since Peñafrancia Street is a one-way street, I have no choice but to walk three short blocks to get back to Pedro Gil.  I was thankful I was in my running shoes because the entire walk (no, I didn’t run in my running shoes, haha) was fun. So fun that along the way, I lingered in front of a historical property which turned out to be the house of the late President Jose P. Laurel. Interesting.

I got to Pedro Gil and took another jeep which would bring me to Onyx Street (the other end of which is my route to home already…but you don’t care about these directions, do you?). It was too late to think of just walking to Onyx. I don’t know exactly, but that point in Pedro Gil cor. Peñafrancia Streets  to Onyx Street could not be more than 500 meters. It’s too short that I have not made myself comfortable yet in squeezing my ass between two equally large passengers when it was time to get off the jeep. Not only the seemingly short distance, crossing Quirino Avenue with all these trucks carrying killer (unhinged! rusty!) container vans would have been an amazing experience. =)

I was home a little after 4 pm. It’s my (visiting) grandma’s birthday today so food, glorious food, welcomed me home.  I wish my lola won’t go home soon. We kind of live different lives now, my mother and I (but we’re not fighting, okay? we’re actually a-ok lately, though we HARDLY see each other anymore, which is totally fine for both of us), but when my lola is here, as I said before, I am always right, and I totally love it. Bwahahaha!!!

Eating your favorite pasta dish while watching Jeopardy (and answering lots of items correctly!) is always, always wonderful. I just did that so I knew.

I wrapped a few gifts then headed upstairs to settle…here. To watch Joy To The World. To make a blog entry.

The only part that bummed me out today was our monthly game night in SanLo getting cancelled. I hope we still get to do it before the year ends.

Otherwise, all else has been good. Wonderful, even. Little things, big things. Great day. Thanks. =)

Now it’s time to sleep because I need to be up early tomorrow to mingle with employee-friends from other departments, have a date with my former boss whom I have not seen since the wake of her grandchild, and be honest enough to admit that I terribly need the $140 that will be doled out to everyone. =)

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2 replies

  1. yup, happy sabado =) i lost you when we went to the clubhouse, i didnt get to say bye bye. hah, as if naman we’ll not see each other on monday, ano ba =)

  2. my fave “rain” song is cyndi lauper’s who let in the rain
    it’s brilliant
    ewan ko, ha
    i don’t like it when it rains
    makes me sad
    lalo na mpag drizzle lang

    pero masaya sabado natin, ha
    dami pera

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